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Work Exchange Programs at Hacienda del Sol

Partial Work Exchange at Hacienda del Sol

Garden Volunteer Program

Thank you for your interest in our Volunteer Program at Hacienda del Sol!

We are currently developing our “Farm to Table” project, with the intent of growing as many fresh healthy organic vegetables and fruits on-site as possible. It’s a big project, and your help will be warmly received and appreciated!

From the jungle we have cleared and are developing a ½ acre (.2 hectare) garden space. The project also includes a large commercial greenhouse and a smaller germination greenhouse.

Gardening, of course, requires planting/transplanting, watering, weeding, harvesting and replanting. In addition we are continually working to amend our poor red-clay soil with aged compost (both from the restaurant scraps and from other sources). We are currently developing semi-permanent raised beds that will retain the soil (reduce erosion) during the rainy season. Other projects may include garden design, developing the irrigation system, propagating fruit trees, rainwater catchment, building trellises to support vining plants, constructing a chicken coop and developing a new composting area.

Our project incorporates permaculture and bio-intensive principles, but requires no previous knowledge or experience on your part. As a volunteer, we will discuss the different on-going projects and work with you to match your interests and abilities.

So don’t worry, there are all sorts of levels of contribution you can make, and gardening or construction experience is absolutely not necessary!

Gardening can be a form of meditation. I explained this to one of our volunteers at a time when I was challenging all of us to put in at least 2 hours a day digging the heavy clay soil to create planting beds. He was a young man, recently graduated from school. You know, he found so much satisfaction from the raw veggie diet and hard physical work of digging that he had immense satisfaction in repetitive, mostly mind-less digging and spent his entire time just doing that!

Another volunteer was doing an extended juice-fast and also wanted to spend time working in the garden. She and I would visit at different times during her stay. We monitored her fluctuating energy levels and found things which were appropriate for her. It was great to have her help with watering and harvesting, and surprisingly there were even times when she was wielding a shovel!

As your time to join us draws closer, be sure to have the booking office get in touch with me so I can advise about what things will be useful to have for your volunteer time (for instance rubber boots will be helpful if gardening during the rainy season, sturdy sandals and a shade hat during the dry season, and durable yet flexible work gloves year-round).

Hacienda del Sol Work Exchange Details

The Hacienda del Sol Costa Rica work exchange program is based on 25 hours of work per week.  Hours may vary, and the work can be challenging. After you have completed your hours, the time is yours to use for learning, living, playing, and nourishing your spirit.

Included in our Work. Live. Play. Program

  • Shared accommodations
  • Three healthy meals per day in the Hacienda del Sol dining room
  • 6 weekly morning yoga classes
  • Access to onsite amenities

Not Included

  • Wellness programs
  • Massages
  • Excursions
  • Laundry

Tuition: $70/day

Program duration: 30 days

Please Submit the Following Materials to Be Considered for Costa Rica Volunteer Opportunities:

The most recent copy of your CV / resume
Cover letter, outlining your reason for wanting to participate in our programs
Two letters of recommendation
Please send the above information to