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Our experts will teach you all you need to know about escaping from carbohydrate dependency by becoming fat- and Keto-adapted. Loose weight with ease, increase your energy, experience mental clarity, and regain your zest for life.

Imagine an all-inclusive health and wellness retreat that not only takes care of your every need but also ensures you lose weight,  improve your fitness, de-stress, and reconnect with nature.


During Hacienda del Sol’s weight loss retreat in Costa Rica it’s easy to reverse the effects of aging and feel vitality again. You’re going to relax fully and deeply, reduce your stress, learn to use fat as your main fuel source, and overcome a weight loss plateau.


This retreat is 1-3 weeks at our beautiful Costa Rican Jungle Retreat Centre and receive the individualized attention you need to accomplish your health goals.


Nestled in the pristine Guanacaste Jungle of Costa Rica, Hacienda del Sol allows you to retreat from your busy urban lifestyle and truly reconnect with yourself and with nature.


Our all-inclusive program, which runs all year around and can be joined any day of the week, hosts a maximum of 12 guests, and our experienced, caring staff ensure you’ll be well taken care of your entire stay.


While here, you’ll have nothing to worry about except enjoying your retreat.

“A week at Hacienda del Sol, doing the ketogenic diet, was the best decision I ever made. It is an amazing place to relax, to be away from the daily stress, to enjoy the beauty of nature, the jungle, the ocean and quiet times. The master nutritionist, Ramiro, gave me so much information and advice. I will always be grateful.”


Lose Weight

Escape from the energy roller coaster, fat-storing, inflammatory effects of today’s grain-based, high-carbohydrate modern diet, and adopt an eating strategy that will reprogram your genes to prefer fat for fuel.

More Energy

Replenish your energy stores, flush your body, and reboot your system. Slow life down, taking time for play, sunlight and fresh air, and get deep sleeps.

Reverse Aging

Efficiently detox from sugar, as well as reduced excess body fat, with natural, easy-to-maintain lifestyle and diet changes.


Nestled in the pristine Guanacaste Jungle of Costa Rica, Hacienda del Sol allows you to retreat from your busy urban lifestyle and truly reconnect with yourself and with nature.

Improve Fitness

Participate in daily activities that are rich in what Katie Bowman calls “nutritious movement” (movement that nourishes your freedom to move) and give you a deeper connection with your body and your relationship to nature. Click here to read more about our movement classes. 

Connect with Nature

Connect with the healing benefits of being immersed in nature and recalibrate your natural circadian rhythms.


  • Weight loss
  • Decreased inflammation
  • Increased energy
  • Anti-aging 
  • Sustain energy (get off the sugar-burning roller coaster) 
  • Improve metabolic flexibility 
  • Increase injury recovery
  • Improve cognitive function 
  • Improving cardiovascular risk factors
  •  Dropping body fat without muscle loss



Philosophy: Our Weight Loss Program is patterned after the diet, exercise, and lifestyle behaviours of our ancestors – The Primal Lifestyle

Nutrition: Guests participating in Hacienda del Sol’s Weight Loss Retreat have the choice to follow a Primal Ketogenic diet, or simple Primal Diet. The main difference between them comes down to the level of carb restriction.  Both diets are based on nutrient dense, locally sourced, whole foods. The difference is Primal Ketogenic has a severe carb restriction (25 net carbs, so no fruit allowed), whereas the simple Primal does not (50-150 carbs allowed, so certain fruits are ok). Weight loss tends to be deeper on a Ketogenic diet, as the carb restriction pushes your body to use fat from day one, yet this can be stressful at first. Primal, with its more generous carb allowance, is a gentler approach with a lot less stress hormone dump. A simple Primal diet is ideal for people that don’t want to jump straight into the deep water and make a softer metabolic shift.

If you want to find out more about our version of a Ketogenic diet, visit this link.

Movement: Hacienda del Sol’s Weight Loss Retreat is paired up with many “nutritious movement” activities including hiking, primal fitness, primal yoga, reflect and recharge classes.


  • 7 nights at our award winning Costa Rica Jungle Retreat (multiple weeks can be booked)
  • Calorie-controlled and nutritionally balanced Sugar Detox cuisine (either Ketogenic or Primal depending on which you choose).
  • 4 x 60 minute Primal Fitness Training Sessions
  • 4 x Coaching sessions to learn about and personalize your diet (Keto or Simple Primal)
  • 12 x Yoga/Movement Classes (Primal Yoga, Reflect & Recharge Yoga, Hatha Yoga)
  • 1 Guided Hike
  • 1 x Cooking Class (learn our tricks and bring them home with you)
  • Hacienda del Sol signature food to go on the day you leave to skip airport food


This retreat is a minimum of 7 nights and is recommended for up to 21 nights

Accomodations Double Occupancy (Per Person) Single Occupancy (Per Person)
Standard Rates/7-Night Program
BRISA ECO BUNGALOW (No AC) $2,250 $2,750
TIERRA BUNGALOW (AC) $2,495 $2,995
PURA DELUX BUNGALOW (AC) $2,750 $3,295
HOLIDAY SEASON December 20 - January 5
BRISA ECO BUNGALOW (No AC) $2,495 $3,250
TIERRA BUNGALOW (AC) $2,750 $3,495
PURA DELUX BUNGALOW (AC) $3,250 $3,750
*All prices include 13% taxes. *Holiday prices may be reduced on days outside holiday dates.

NEW RATES 2022-2023

Accomodations Double Occupancy per person Single Occupancy per person
Standard Rates/7 Nights
PURA DELUX BUNGALOW (AC) $3,250/7 nights $3,750/7 nights
Holiday Season December 20 - January 5
PURA DELUX BUNGALOW (AC) $3,750/7 nights $4,200/7 nights
*All prices include 13% taxes. *Holiday prices may be reduced on days outside holiday dates.


Our boutique wellness centre has 12 beautifully crafted bungalows set in the middle of the Costa Rican Jungle, and just 5 minutes drive to the beach.

Rest, recharge and feel good again. 

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Accommodation includes:

Note: 2  of the Tierra bathrooms are open and exposed to the jungle. If you do not wish to have this please request an inclosed bathroom. 

  • Jungle view, ceiling fan, private deck and hammock.
  • Eco-friendly amenities including bio-degradable shampoos and conditioners.
  • Free Wi-Fi Access
  • Daily maid service.
  • Laptop-Sized Safe Box

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