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Meet the Team at Hacienda Del Sol


Ramiro Gallardo

Ramiro is the proud co—owner of Hacienda del Sol. He sees it as an ideal opportunity to help increase peoples’ vibrancy in this changing world. He believes something new is emerging. Something that is making friends with the old rivalries of west vs east, modern vs traditional, masculine vs feminine and intends on making Hacienda del Sol a part of this evolution. He believes true health is about taking care of your mind-body-soul, and the people that surround you, and is committed to infusing Hacienda del Sol with this purpose.

Ramiro was born and raised in Mexico, where he got a degree in Film. He has a B.A. in psychology from UVIC and is a certified instructor under Scott Sonnon’s CST and Tacfit systems. He did social and outreach work with at-risk communities in Canada for 6 years before moving to Costa Rica with his wife Crystal Gallardo and is now the joyful parent of Naomi.

Crystal Gallardo

Crystal’s deep love for Hacienda del Sol led her and her husband, Ramiro Gallardo, to take over from Crystal’s mother (Menlha Bruneau) in 2013. She had always seen Hacienda del Sol as a refuge, offering deep relaxation, nourishment, healing and support. Now, as an owner, she is committed to holding space for others to find their sanctuary where they can rest, rejuvenate, feel supported, feel nourished, transform and let go.



Menlha Bruneau

I have been involved in health and healing for many years.  It has been a prime interest to me to be well and to help others also be well, holistically.  I am the founder of Hacienda del Sol and of the Kootenay school of Rebalancing bodywork. This school certified over 350 students to practice rebalancing body therapy. I am a rebalancing bodywork master and have been practicing craniosacral (biodynamic) treatment for several years.

For 15 years at Hacienda del Sol we have been hosting juice cleanses, and I have been the facilitator for many of them.  I have done a number of cleanses myself over the years and keep up my own cleanliness with 2 personal cleanses a year at Hacienda del Sol.

These cleanses are highly successful here thanks to the relaxed environment offered by immersion in nature, strong facilitation, constant support, detox-specific juices, and colema therapy. The transformation is remarkable and I love to be part of this process.

I am continuing to learn more about health and wellness.  It is enjoyable for me to pass on my knowledge to others which I have accumulated over the years through personal experience and observation. I consider myself to be a good teacher who, with the help of intuition, can get the message across to most clients.


Sharlynn Stewart

Sharlynn (Shar) has been working in the healthcare field for over 20 years. She has been coming to Hacienda Del Sol since 2005 and has been facilitating retreats, and offering yoga and massage here since January, 2011. Thus, she knows from experience what a magical place it is and how it will have a profound transformative effect on your life!

Shar is a certified Yoga instructor with over a decade of experience teaching, and is also a Yoga Therapist, Thai masseuse (trained in Thailand), and a Registered Nurse. She draws on an insightful blend of Eastern & Western perspectives to compassionately encourage our guests to have an optimal experience.

Shar is passionate about living a present, balanced and authentic life, with a healthy dose of humor! She loves to travel the world, explore new places, people and food, but equally loves to retreat into silent solitude. She is a mixed breed of gypsy and home body, originally hailing from Canada but now calls Costa Rica her home.



Ana Zuniga Alvarez

Ana Started working at Hacienda del Sol when she was 21 years old and has been here for 21 years. In these 21 years she has been of immense importance. She has led the housecleaning team, has worked in the kitchen as well as in the garden. Because she is so loving, sensitive and has a great relationship with plants, she has been called Santa Ana on many occasions. She has also studied Thai massage and has been qualified on 2 levels and has proved herself to be a good healer and has been doing Thai massage at Hacienda del Sol for several years now. “I love to work at Hacienda del Sol because it has very good energy, and I feel very good working in this place”


Mahi was prematurely passionate about physical activities and health care, she was an athlete throughout her childhood and started her own yoga practice as a teenager. By that time, she realized the enormous benefits that moving the body has over our energy, mind and emotions. She is also a creative person and destiny lead her to combine her two main interests in life, body and art, so in 1995 she became a tattoo artist. In 2002 she was introduced to the therapy field through Craneosacral discipline, so she cursed the first level, but her love for bodywork drove her into exploring other disciplines that were more suited to her own way of feeling therapy. It took Mahi 9 years to start her real journey into bodywork therapy. In 2004 she met Melnha Bruneau (HDS founder) in Costa Rica, where she was teaching Rebalancing. Mahi experienced the 10 Rebalancing sessions as a model, and this process changed her life. She found her master and got certified as a Rebalancer in January 2012. As soon as she finished the training she started working as a therapist in HDS. Mahi is a highly motivated student, and her thirst for knowledge led her to further explorations leading her to Esalen Californian massage. In 2014 she got her International Certification. In 2015 Mahi realized that HDS a resort focused on cleanses, health and meditationcould really benefit their clients by offering Lymphatic work. After all, the lymphatic system is like the garbage truck in our bodies, it removes toxins from the tissues and organs. Conscious of such an important fact she finished a grade on Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD). Currently, Mahi offers at HDL her services as an Osho Rebalancer, an Esalen Californian bodyworker, a very interesting and creative fusion of both techniques and MLD facilitator.



Nadya, originally from Belarus, discovered CR in 2000. She fall in love with the nature, peace and the beautiful people around, and found her home in Pura Vida land. . With a dancing background, a passion for body movement and then a few injuries Nadya was guided into yoga practice in 2006. In 2013 she was certified in first 200h of Danyasa Inspired YTT, and in 2014 certified in Vinyasa Flow 200h YTT . She become a part of our Hacienda family in 2011 when she took her Rebalancing 400h course here in HDS and was certified by the Kootney School of Rebalancing as a body work therapist.
“To be healthy and to move with ease you will need to learn about your body and its connection with your mind and emotions. You will also experience how to be present in each movement and in stillness.”
“To be comfortable in your beautiful vehicle you should love yourself unconditionally and be fully in love with who you are.”
“Our body is created to heal itself, by bringing conscience into it.”
Also you can book with Nadya a coconut oil BodyScrub, a Californian massage and 2 weeks retreat of 10 rebalancing sessions.

Start your journey and embark on an unforgettable Costa Rican experience!