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Rebalancing Bodywork Retreat

Our Rebalancing Bodywork Retreat has been 31 years in the making. In 1984, long before founding Hacienda del Sol, Menlha Bruneau, was the founder and main instructor of the Kootney School of Rebalancing in Canada. There she began developing what is now our signature rebalancing bodywork. Menlha created Hacienda del Sol in 1995, and since then, our retreat centre has been an incubator where, between her and her students, the system has never stopped evolving. 31 years later it is now one of the most effective techniques for melting the body armor that our body has accumulated through everyday physical, emotional, and psychological stress. This armor locks us out of our body and prevents the vibrancy within us from fully radiating into our life.

The Rebalancing Bodywork Retreat consists of 10 bodywork sessions that progressively release the joints and deep tissue fascia, as well as gestalt, body centered psychotherapy and dialogue. The 10 sessions take you into a deep process of self, body, emotional, and mental awareness. Using body reading, the therapist works together with the client to determine the direction for the sessions. Even though the sessions are individually designed, the basic treatment starts in the periphery, then sinks deep into the core, followed by correcting body splits, and ending in full body-mind integration.

The sessions structure is:


  1. Grounding: working with legs and feet on both front and back.
  1. Support: Working with the medial and lateral of the legs including lower legs.
  1. Inspiration and reaching out: Working on the chest, upper back, arms and diaphragm.
  1. Elongation: Sides of the body.


  1. Gut feelings: abdomen, diaphragm, and lower back
  1. Sinking into the deep core: back and shoulders psoas and hip rotators.
  1. On having no head: neck, throat, eyes, nose, face, jaw, mouth and scalp.



  1. Determining which split the client needs to work on.

9. According to which split was worked on in session 8 the opposite is worked on in session

  1. Some splits can be: Front/back right/left head/body trunk/limbs diagonal splits COMPLETION
  1. Integrating all the 10 sessions.

This is all included in your retreat:



Benefits of rebalancing bodywork:

Post Retreat Testimonial

  • Relaxation
  • Release of toxins
  • Releasing old, and holding new, patterns in the fascia.
  • Posture improvement
  • Increased awareness
  • Recovery from accidents
  • Improvement of mobility.
  • Increase depth of breath.
  • Permission for emotional release
  • Clarity of mind
  • A sense of spaciousness
  • Release of physical and emotional pain with relaxation.

Because the body needs time to respond and adapt to the changes in the fascia, this retreat is a minimum of 14 nights. However, 4 weeks is ideal to maximize adaptation to the new fascia patterns.

Package Inclusions

14-night program inclusions starting at $3,795/14 nights

  • 14-night program

    14-night program

    √ All Meals – Full-service raw living foods breakfasts, lunches and dinners – Hacienda del Sol’s menu is designed to support your highest wellness goals and chooses to serve mostly living foods.

    √ All freshly pressed juices, coconut water, and teas. In order to support your wellness goals we do not to serve alcohol.

    √ 10 x 90 minutes Rebalancing Body work sessions

    √ 20 Yoga classes (10 morning flow yoga classes,10 afternoon restorative and meditation classes)

    √ Jungle hike to San Juanillo Beach.

    √ 2 Mountain Hikes

    √ 2 Coral Beach Hikes

    √ 2 Sunset boat tour.

    √ 4 Raw Food Cooking Classes (learn our tricks and bring them home with you).

    √ Daily Sunset Beach Shuttles.

    √ Hacienda del Sol signature food to go on the day you leave to skip airport food.

Retreat Prices


November 1st to May 31st
*Prices do not include taxes.TIERRA$4,495pp$3,795pp
June 1st to October 31st
*Prices do not include taxes.TIERRA$3,969pp$3,375pp
December 20 - January 5
*Prices do not include taxes.TIERRA$4,995pp$4,365pp

Brisa:  Shared cabina (single bed), small, attached bathroom, no AC.
Tierra: Private Bunglaow (1 king bed),  larger bathroom, no AC.
Pura: Private Bungalow (1 king bed), large newly renovated bathroom, AC.


Start your journey and embark on an unforgettable Costa Rican experience!