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Hacienda Del Sol

Create your own journey, discover true wellness, and embrace transformation at Hacienda del Sol, a Boutique Costa Rican Wellness Retreat Centre.

We are a unique family run business that reflects the heart and soul of founder Menlha Bruneau who opened Hacienda del Sol in 1995. The retreat center was passed on to her daughter, Crystal Bruneau and son in law Ramiro Gallardo in 2012, and Menlha is still very much a part of Hacienda del Sol as a facilitator, mentor and inspiration. Her nurturing approach, her depth of healing knowledge and commitment to wellness is felt and reflected throughout.

We are committed to maintaining the integrity of our roots. As a top detox destination in the world, we bring over 20 years of tried, tested and proven experience to our award-winning, proprietary raw food and juice cleanses designed to meet anyone where they’re at. Whether you’re healing from an illness, highly active, a first-time cleanser or a seasoned vet, we personalize your program to ensure you have the most optimal and beneficial experience possible.

The remote location of Hacienda del Sol is miles away from the noisier built-up cities and tourist-driven areas, which keeps our essence intact so that you can be yourself with few distractions. We insist on maintaining a safe, relaxing, welcoming and supportive space to aid in your healing. From the top down we are committed to you, providing the necessary nurturing, mentoring and love to have a transformative experience.

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Raw food and Yoga Retreat

High Season Price: from $1,400/Week

Low Season Price: from $1,190/Week


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High Season Price: from $1,895/Week

Low Season Price: from $1,685/Week


Ketogenic and Tacfit Weight Loss Retreat

High Season Price: from $1,895/Week

Low Season Price: from $1,685/Week


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