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Welcome to Hacienda del Sol

Decompress, immerse yourself in nature, participate in our daily movement classes, eat organic farms to table meals, and sleep deeply.

We are just a 5 minutes drive to the beach and intentionally off the beaten path. We are located 14 km outside of Nosara, as to provide a quiet, healing, and  immersive environment for guests to make real and lasting change.

Hacienda Del Sol Method

Hacienda Del Sol is an all-inclusive, eco-friendly, wellness centre surrounded by acres of untouched Guanacaste jungle. We are located on the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica, a couple of kilometers from several pristine and protected beaches, in the world’s largest ‘Blue Zone’.

An alcohol and drug free retreat oasis, with an intentional focus on detoxification, weight loss, fitness and rejuvenation. All of our specially crafted, ongoing 7-28 night programs, aim to renew, revitalize and restore our guests from the inside out.

Our Method is simple: we feed you nutrient dense, delicious food, guide you through physical activities that create space in your body and increase your freedom of movement and immerse you in beautiful nature. This healthful combination enables your central nervous system to calm, and in turn, restores your body’s natural ability to be well and function optimally.

Regardless of the retreat program you choose, everyday will follow a cycle of sympathetic nervous system activation (primal yoga + fitness sessions + jungle walks) in the morning, followed by parasympathetic nervous system activation (meditative and restorative movement classes + beach strolling & sunset watching) in the afternoon. In this way, we are consciously allowing the recalibration of your body’s natural biorhythms to optimize its inherent healing mechanisms.

Nutritious Farm To Table Food

All of our meals contain nutrient dense, locally sourced, whole foods, which are rich with living enzymes, fibres, plant and local animal proteins, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals. We grow as much of our produce as we can on site and receive the rest from farmer markets. Local animal products such as daily caught fish, eggs, shrimps, and occasional chicken are also used. The ingredients we source are always fresh, whole, and organic whenever possible. 

With the addition of our 400 square meter hydroponic greenhouse and vast outdoor natural garden, our goal is to be 80% self-sustainable with farm to table nutrition. Using as much of this high quality, homegrown produce as possible to fuel our restaurant, and also to operate a small market to share our daily harvests with the local community. 

Hacienda del Sol offers 4 different types of nutrient dense, anti-inflammatory Meal Plans: Primal, Ketogenic, Raw Vegan, and a Juice Detox. The Ketogenic and Juice Detox must be led by a retreat facilitator, however the Primal and Raw Vegan can be chosen for any other of our retreat programs.

Movement: More is not better, eliminate the “no pain, no gain” mentality.

At Hacienda del Sol we believe that physical movement should be treated as a nutrient that feeds your body’s freedom to move; creating space, gaining pain free movement and melting away stress hormones. We also believe in cultivating a deep and mindful connection with your body, in order to use it more efficiently and not push it as hard as you can to burn more calories or get better results.

Activities that support this process are what we call ‘Nutritious Movement’. 

We think that the best results to safely expand your physical freedom and process your stress hormones rather than add to your daily stress load, are achieved by physically and mentally reaching your edge but not pushing past it. 

You have pushed past your edge when you are performing a physical activity purely using a stress hormone dump. This can be experienced as a feeling of separation from your body or the infamous tunnel vision. Nutritious Movement conditions you to notice and be aware when you are experiencing a mind-body disconnection, so that you can choose to slow down, reconnect, and continue exploring your edge without going over it. 

Our Primal Yoga classes, Reflect and Recharge classes, and Primal Fitness classes, are all rich with Nutritious Movement.

Primal Yoga:

  • With yoga asana (postures) as it’s foundation, classes move dynamically between tensión and releasing, the Yang and the Yin.
  • The focus is on movement. 90 blissful minutes of dipping in and out of the flow state.

Primal Fitness:

  • High intensity training, rich in promoting your body’s range of motion.
  • Progressive body movement exercises that take you to your limit while still maintaining and strengthening your body-mind connection.
  • An antidote for the no pain, no gain mentality that can lead to injury.

Reflect & Recharge Classes:

  • A collection of Western and Eastern Yin practices focused on activating the parasympathetic nervous system in unique ways. This class will teach you the essential skill of processing any stress that has accumulated throughout the day, therefore avoiding the eventual condition of chronic stress.

Nature Immersion: A cure for central nervous system fatigue.

Anyone living in the modern world (or anybody that owns a smartphone) is experiencing an over-stimulation of their central nervous system (CNS), most of the time. Something is constantly demanding our attention, which eventually leads to attention fatigue. 

At Hacienda del Sol we use ‘being in nature’ as a medicine for CNS fatigue. Nothing quite defuses CNS overstimulation like being immersed in nature, the mechanisms that activate our CNS can’t quite grasp the complexity of what surrounds you in nature and they decide to take a well needed break.

Observing the jungle from your bungalow deck or staring far out to the horizon at glorious sunsets (don’t miss our daily sunset beach shuttle) are fantastic ways of doing this, as are jungle walks and jumping into the ocean. 

If you would like to take this nature immersion a little further, we offer a number of additional off-site activities like horseback riding, canopy zip-lining, surf lessons and wildlife sanctuary visit that you can sign up for.