Osteopathy & Movement Retreat

Sometimes we need a reset. Close all the apps, power off, and let things settle.

This retreat is the perfect opportunity to do just that. Give your mind and body the break it needs to allow all your system to reset and come back online with a fresh start for a clear mind and healthy body.

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Osteopathy & Movement Retreat

What this retreat accomplishes?

Weightloss 70%
Fitness 70%
Cellular detox 70%
Sugar detox 70%
Rejuvenation 100%
Free time 80%
Lifestyle 80%
Metabolic switch 5%


  • 7- nights accommodation
  • 4 x Osteopathy Treatments
  • Inspiration – Working on the chest and releasing the diaphragms to breathe easy.
  • Foundations – Clearing the fog from the labours of life. Working through key patterns and structural alignment.
  • Flow – Releasing restrictions in the rivers of life.
  • Waves – Balancing the bioenergetic networks of the body.
  • 4 x Primal Fitness classes based on the principle of Yin and Yang help integrate and create new patterns in the body by focusing on balance, strength, flexibility and breath.
  • All Meals – Full-service breakfasts, lunches and dinners – Hacienda del Sol’s menu is designed to support your highest wellness goals. You can chooses between a raw vegan menu, Primal menu, or alkalized ketogenic menu.
  • All freshly pressed juices, coconut water, and teas. In order to support your wellness goals we do not to serve alcohol.
  • 10 movement classes (5 primal Yoga classes, 5 reflect and recharge classes)
  • Jungle hike to San Juanillo Beach.
  • Mountain Hike
  • Beach Hike
  • Sunset boat tour
  • 1 Healthy Cooking Classes (learn our tricks and bring them home with you).
  • Daily Sunset Beach Shuttles
  • Hacienda del Sol signature food to go on the day you leave to skip airport food.

This retreat is also available for 14 days or 21 days.

This is all

Included in your retreat


Retreat Prices

Accomodations Single Double
HIGH SEASON November 1st to May 31st
BRISA $2,205pp $2,205 pp
TIERRA $2,884pp $2,380pp
PURA $3,206pp $2,625pp
LOW SEASON June 1st to October 31st
BRISA $2,016pp $2,016pp
TIERRA $2,520pp $2,100pp
PURA $2,821pp $2,324pp
HOLIDAY SEASON December 20 - January 5
BRISA $2,583pp $2,583pp
TIERRA $3,234pp $2,674pp
PURA $3,619pp $2,940pp
*All prices include taxes. *Holiday prices may be reduced on days outside holiday dates

Brisa (shared cabina, up to 3 roommates, single beds, no AC)
Tierra (private cabina, king bed, no AC)
Pura (private cabina, king bed, AC)

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