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Optimizing Flow Rereat

Summer Huntington MS
Founder of Clubbell Yoga

Do you want EXPERT COACHING in ancient disciplines and modern flow science?
Ready to experience complete PERFORMANCE OPTIMIZATION and set a rhythm for the next 3 months?
Want to shed weight and gain lean muscle by EATING CLEAN, plus DAILY Clubbell Yoga & Primal 12?
Do you crave an IMMERSION where you can really FOCUS on your own training & wellness, in Costa Rica? of course you do. you matter. your time matters.

Why ‘Optimizing Flow’ will change your life…

Welcome to the first dual Clubbell Yoga & Primal 12 Human Optimization Retreat, led by Summer Huntington and assisted by Adrienne Beattie. Experience the yin and yang of both training systems, thoughtfully sequenced into Scott Sonnon’s signature four day wave – which optimizes your recovery based training. Stress can literally eat you alive, causing sickness, psychosomatic disorders, organ disfunction, depression and anxiety. The most sustainable solution is consistent recovery based training programming combined with mindfulness practice and a commitment to a Primal eating pattern.

  • 7 Day Schedule

    Day                          Movement Workshops 
    Saturday                IntuFlow + Yin Yoga
    Sunday                   FlowFit & Clubbell Yoga
    Monday                  Primal 12
    Tuesday                  Primal 12
    Wednesday           Intuflow & SMR
    Thursday               Clubbell Yoga Awaken
    Friday                      Primal 12
    Saturday                Clubbell Yoga

Led by: Summer Huntington

Assisted by: Adrienne Beattie

What will you learn? 

The Clubbell Yoga & Primal 12 retreat is focused on teaching you how to use the science of Flow to create a balanced rhythm with optimum nutrition and precise movement coaching. All participants will leave with a customized 3 month program to carry out training at home, utilizing the highly effective 4 day wave. Daily coaching Workshops will be catered to drastically improve Clubbell techniques, mindset and body mechanics to train Flow. Our workshops explore the very systematic way to consistently access flow state, one of the most profound physiological and psychological phenomenons of the human experience.

Who can come?

Anyone and anyone wanting a full week to restore and start a new rhythm. No experience with Clubbells needed.

The Clubbell Yoga & Primal 12 Immersion is an opportunity for you to look inward, challenge yourself both physically and mentally, and create a vision for where you want to go in your future. As an all inclusive community, we welcome both people with minimal experience in either Clubbell Yoga or Primal 12, to those with years of practice. These systems are truly accessible for all, and each workshop will challenge participants regardless of skill level.

The Optimizing Flow Retreat is for the person ready to commit to a true lifestyle change, develop mindset and leave with a full toolbox to prioritize their wellness when they return back to their own community. If you want to have an incredible experience, challenge your athleticism, work intelligently through old injuries and grow as a person… this retreat is for you.


Our commitment to COACHING YOU!

The Clubbell Yoga & Primal 12 Immersion Retreat is limited to 20 people, with shared cabina’s on the grounds and all inclusive fresh foods and juices made to order for all guests. Hacienda Del Sol is the ideal place to making true behavioral change, and we want you to stay committed to these changes after the retreat as well. You will receive a template to create a training program for yourself for 90 days, and 3 monthly group coaching calls for accountability after the programs commences. Summer knows what it takes to train like an athlete, and we want you to be successful in reaching your personal goals. You CAN do this. Your mindset matters, You matter.

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