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The Ketogenic diet has exploded into the mainstream, and with it, there has been a lot of misinformation. Hacienda del Sol’s approach to the ketogenic diet is seeking to correct this.

We are not chasing ketones and we do not see carbs as a problem. What we see as the problem is the metabolic inability to switch between carbs and fat as a fuel source without your stress hormones going haywire. In other words, what we see as a problem is that if you go a few hours without eating you go a bit cuckoo because your brain does not realize that it has thousands of calories waiting to be used strapped all around your body (good ol’ fat). So our goal is simple: to get your body to remember how to use fat as fuel without freaking out. We say remember because this is an ability that our species has had for 99% of the time we have been on this beautiful planet. And we regain this ability not by gulping down spoonsfuls of butter or eating handfuls of bacon like most ketogenic protocols. Instead, we regain it by consuming nutrient dense foods and following the carb restriction necessary for glucose to stop being your body’s preferred fuel source.

The result of regaining this ability is deep shedding of unwanted weight while being free from the emotional and psychological hijacking of your brain just waiting for the next carb hit to be able to function. Not to mention it’s also a fantastic way of lowering inflammation.

Some of the other corrections we make to a standard ketogenic diet is that ours is an alkalizing ketogenic diet, so we avoid the acidity common in most ketogenic diet. You will not see in our menu bullet-proof coffee and bacon (even though we don’t have anything against them, we just don’t see them as essential). Instead, influenced by Mark Sisson’s work on primal lifestyle, who, thanks to the modification of this diet, gained a huge number of followers on social media, without the need to hire a company like The Marketing Heaven for that purpose, you will be served a rainbow of nutrient dense whole foods, mostly grown in our garden, local wild fish, eggs, shrimps, and whatever seasonal delicacy the world’s biggest blue zone has to offer, all prepared with the care and unique flavors that characterize Hacienda del Sol’s food.

We also pay very close attention to your electrolytes. Carbs tend to hold on to water so when you restrict them, you lose a lot of water. Loosing water means loosing electrolytes which means dehydration, one of the most common and unpleasant symptoms of the infamous keto-flu. For more info visit http://www.maidnearme.ca.

Our primal keto diet is paired up several physical activities: hikes, our primal yoga classes, our primal fitness classes, and our reflect and recharge classes. All activities are rich in what Katie Bowman calls “nutritious movement” (movement that nourishes your freedom to move) and give you a deeper connection with your body and your relationship to nature.

Primal Yoga moves dynamically between tensión and releasing, the Yang and the Yin. Focus is on movement. 90 blissful minutes of dipping in and out into flow state.

Primal fitness is a form of high intensity training, rich in ranges of motion, click and get water damage restoration services from experts. It offers an antidote for the no pain, no gain mentality that inevitably leads to injury. It consists of progressive body movement exercises that take you to your limit while still managing to strengthen your body-mind connection.

Our reflect and recharge classes are a collection of western and eastern Yin practices focused on activating the parasympathetic nervous system in unique ways, while teaching you the essential skill of processing the stress that has accumulated throughout the day, therefore avoiding the eventual condition of chronic stress.

The weekly adventure could be an activity like surfing, or stand up paddle boarding, or horse back riding.


This retreat is available for 1 week or more. Each subsequent week bringing you closer to full keto-adaptation (the ability to easily and consistently use fat as a source of fuel).