Juice Cleanse Detox & Yoga Retreat

Pure natural cold pressed juices and over 24 years of expertise.

Escape to Costa Rica to cleanse and revitalize your body. Our world-renowned juice cleanse will fill your body with inflammation-fighting, energy-boosting super foods.

The Hacienda del Sol Juice Cleanse Detox Program has been designed and delivered over the past 24 years to help guests reclaim their natural health!

What makes our program so special for one,  is the amazing cold pressed juices that are made of purely natural-grown produce from our very own farm, and are enriched with different super foods that offer anti-inflammatory, detoxing, and energy boosting properties. 

The beautiful and serene setting of Hacienda Del Sol supports this journey into healing, rejuvenating and resetting your body.

The juice cleanse includes a deep liver cleanse, that has already changed many people’s health and lives dramatically.

You get accompanied by an experienced facilitator that will support you in this deep and beautiful process of self-healing.

What Our 7-Night Detox Program Accomplishes

  • A deep cleanse of the colon with the help of daily colemas, specific fibre drinks. With a better working colon bloating, constipation, diarrhea and other digestive issues often disappear.
  • A strengthening of the immune system through detoxing your body and a clean better working colon (a big part of our immune system is in the colon)
  • An aid in achieving weight loss. A drastic reduction of caloric intake promotes a rapid weight loss. It is important to note, however, that after a juice cleanse, one must alter their eating habits to sustain that weight loss.
  • Promotes choosing eating in moderation. Those who undergo juice cleanses report feeling as if their stomach has shrunk. This shrinking sensation helps ease food cravings and helps with changing to a more healthy way of eating. With the help of the liver flush also food cravings become much less.
  • Inflammation gets reduced and healed - studies have shown that juice cleanses can greatly reduce inflammation in your body. When you clean your body and cut out outside toxins, while at the same time adding the beneficial nutrients readily available in cold pressed juice, you’re allowing your body optimal toxin removal and cell repair. Combined with a mostly plant based diet it can greatly reduce allergies, arthritis, IBS and even cardiovascular and autoimmune diseases. Juices with ginger, turmeric and aloe vera further boost the anti-inflammatory benefits
  • A boost of energy during and after the cleanse.With lot of toxins out of your body, your liver working more effective after the liver flush and your metabolism having been reset you produce more energy.
  • Deeply nourish your body from highly nutritious fresh pressed juices. We harvest from our own land, bowls and bowls of of organic produce and and fresh superfoods, and then juice them to make them more bioavailable. 
  • A more flexible and more toned body through our signature primal yoga during the weekdays and Costa Rican jungle hikes on the weekends. Aging is partly a process of losing mobility and our primal yoga excels at helping you uncover the secret fountain of youth: healthy joints. Our teachers are movement specialists who will teach you how to move and restore natural ranges of motions while flushing out chronic inflammation and deepening your body-mind connection. Our movement classes are amazing for any fitness level. You do not need to have any experience with yoga.
  • An overall more relaxed and peaceful state of being .As your focus is on healing your body also your mind and heart profit. In a beautiful peaceful environment, exercising your body regularly you can more easily let go of old burdens. Your mind gets a rest from daily issues and can get a new perspective. Giving yourself this gift of healing is a beautiful act of self love.
  • People report better and deeper sleep after and sometimes also during a cleanse
  • Plus: glowing skin, healthier hair and a clearer mind

Liver Detox: On the evening of the 4th day of Juicing you will be invited to do a deep liver cleanse This is an extremely important part of the cleanse. This is what you can expect from a liver flush:

  • Healing and preventing disease (digestive issues, skin issues, heart issues, issues of the nervous system ,gallbladder issue and more)
  • Improved circulation
  • Improved energy and vitality
  • Less water retention and swelling in limps
  • Improved overall digestion
  • Improving skin conditions (eczemas, acne, psoriasis etc often respond very well to a liver flush)
  • Reversal of aging process
  • Improved emotional well being
  • Clearer mind
24 years in the making, this program has given thousands of guests the benefits of allowing their body and mind a break from their day-to-day lifestyle. Please contact us to see how the Hacienda del Sol’s detox retreat can meet your own health goals.

What does a typical day at Hacienda del Sol look like? The following is a basic outline of what to expect. We stick to a plan but some days might vary in fitness actives and, as always in the Costa Rica wilderness, some activities are weather dependent. While you will have your own time, most of your day will be filled with fitness activities, juices, detoxing, sunshine, beaches and nourishing jungle air.
7: 00 am Nourish the body and ‘break the fast’ with a revitalizing tonic
7:30 am Greet the day with a 90 minute Movement Class
9:00 am Enjoy a nutritious breakfast green juice
9:00 am Check In with your facilitator
9:30 am Psyllium husk purification shake
10:00 am Time for a colon cleansing colema
11:00 am Superfood Elixir
12:00 pm Lunch time Juice
1:00 pm Psyllium husk purification shake
1:00 pm Massage, detox and relaxation time: Relax with massage and detox treatment or take in some sun at our infinity salt water pool. You can take your elixirs into the treatment rooms:)
2:00 pm Superfood Elixir
3:00 pm Superfood Elixir
3:30 Afternoon Movement Class
4:30 pm Beach Adventure – Every day our complimentary shuttles take you to a new beach
5:00 pm Delicious and nutritious early evening cold pressed juice to enjoy while watching the sunset
6:30 pm Evening Mineral Broth
8:00 pm Coconut probiotics to replace gut flora

7 Night Juice Cleanse Detox and Yoga Retreat

What’s included in your Retreat

  • 7 days of detoxing (this is including your detox meals before and after the juice cleansing)
  • 6 days of cold pressed juices made from superfoods and produce that we grow right on our property. We use a norwalk juicer so that all of the nutrition is intact. You will have highly nutritious juice as well as superfood shakes, and a mineral packed vegetable broth each day. In order to clean out the old rubbish you will be taking 2 psyllium husk purification “shakes” each day.
  • 4 x consultations with one of Hacienda del Sol’s expert facilitators.
  • Daily Colemas
  • One (1) Liver Flush.
  • Detox specific meals before and after the cleanse.
  • 10 movement classes (5 morning primal yoga classes, 5 afternoon reflect and recharge classes)
  • Jungle hike to San Juanillo Beach.
  • Mountain Hike
  • Beach Hike
  • Sunset boat tour.
  • 1 Raw Food Cooking Classes (learn our tricks and bring them home with you).
  • Daily Sunset Beach Shuttles.
  • An assortment of herbal teas to assist in your detox.
  • Hacienda del Sol signature food to go on the day you leave to skip airport food.
“These classes were hands down the best we ever had in our lives… So cathartic and physically and spiritually challenging.”

– Linda, Oct 2018, Tripadvisor

“Everything I wanted in a retreat – to be nourished and nurtured both physically and emotionally.”

– Kate Kellard, Jun 2018, Tripadvisor

“After my second week there, I was running up the hill like a pro, feeling strong, healthy and like I haven’t felt in years”

– Jan Pacheco, Miami Florida, Jun 2018, Tripadvisor


Retreat Prices

Accomodations Single Double
HIGH SEASON November 1st to May 31st
TIERRA $2,674pp $2,170pp
PURA $2,996pp $2,415pp
LOW SEASON June 1st to October 31st
TIERRA $2,310pp $1,890pp
PURA $2,611pp $2,114pp
HOLIDAY SEASON December 20 - January 5
TIERRA $3,024pp $2,464pp
PURA $3,409pp $2,730pp
*All prices include 13% taxes. *Holiday prices may be reduced on days outside holiday dates.

Tierra: Private Bunglaow (1 king bed), larger bathroom, no AC.
Pura: Private Bungalow (1 king bed), large newly renovated bathroom, AC.

Start your journey

and embark on an unforgettable Costa Rican experience!

  • One of the things we struggle with with the wellness industry, is that it calls us to be constantly seeking wellness outside ourselves. Don’t get us wrong, there are so many amazing experts, resources, and products out there, being lead by amazing people with great intentions. Still, this is our friendly reminder to start your wellness journey by going inward first. Check in with your body, your mind, your breath. How do you feel? What do you need? What makes sense for you? Then search out what you’re in need of. Getting lost in the sea of wellness products, info, and what everyone else is doing can be a slippery slope, because it doesn’t seem like it’s inherently wrong. It’s *healthy* right? 
But we believe the true path to wellness comes from connecting within, and doing what’s right for you, not what everyone else says!
At HDS, we help you make your own decisions about what works for you, and teach how to work with your own unique body, not against.
We’ve also been exploring new (and fun ways) to deliver a more personalized approach to wellness experiences, because there really is no one size fits all in wellness. So stay tuned, because some fun things are happening this fall 😘
  • This week was a big week here at @haciendadelsolcr 
Every year in wet season, hundreds of thousands of Olive Ridley sea turtles make their way out of the water and onto the beaches to each lay 80-100 eggs, before heading back to sea. While this most often happens at night, our guests were lucky to catch a few day-time turtles making their way onto some nearby beaches. Turtles born on these beaches are known for travelling as far as India, but always remember their home beach - their birth place, where the females return to, to lay their own eggs.
We can’t wait for these little turtle babies to start hatching! Which takes about 45-55 days depending on temperatures.
  • We fully endorse chasing waterfalls. (And we love taking you to some of our local hidden gems - so you can get a little extra TLC time, off the beaten path 💦)
  • Nature is the best medicine. With summer time hitting the northern hemisphere make sure your summer is spent watching more sunsets than Netflix. Go out for a walk. Get your bare feet on the ground. Breath in the fresh air. Notice the way the breeze moves through the trees. Get back to nature and embrace every moment this summer. Your body and mind will thank you 😘😘
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  • Movement and exercise are a great way to recover from stress. But often, our high intensity, “no pain no gain” mentality when it comes to exercise actually puts your nervous system on higher alert than when you started - preventing your body from entering rest and digest mode, where you can fully recover. A great tip for using exercise to balance your body and mind: after exercising spend a few minutes sitting or lying down (savasana anyone?) and try to completely relax your body, and steady your breathing. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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📷 @aloyoga
  • Social connection strengthens our immune function, helps us recover from disease faster and may even lengthen our life.
We designed Hacienda programs to allow for genuine connection and friendship building, while still giving you need the alone time you need to decompress, heal and reset your nervous system. 
So who says you need to escape alone to achieve true wellness? Join us this summer with three friends and you’ll each receive the gift of 15% off your stay. 😘