World Renowned Freshly Pressed Juice Detox Program.
Juice Cleanse & Yoga Retreat

The Hacienda del Sol Juice Cleanse Detox Program has been designed and delivered over the past 20 years to help guests reclaim their natural health!

If you’ve ever done a detox that uses a lot of powders and capsules then you’ll be very impressed with the juice cleanse at Hacienda del Sol. We stay away from capsules and powders and focus on cold pressed juices made from super foods and produce that we grow right on our property.

The juices and elixirs are so nutrient dense that you’ll never feel nutritionally deprived and you’ll have plenty of energy during your whole cleanse, building up to a deep liver detox. People are always telling us that the cleanse was much easier then they thought it would be and that they felt they had energy throughout the entire detox.

If you’re looking to have more energy, loose weight, detox your organs and reset your body, then this program is for you!

Cellular detox
Sugar detox
Free time
What Our 7-Night Detox Program Accomplishes

  • Cleansing your colon through daily colemas. By cleansing out the old garbage you give your system a fresh start.
  • Experience more energy during and after the cleanse. Because you’ve given your system a rest you’ll feel like new. Think of it like when you take your car in for an oil change - afterwards everything just runs better!
  • Deeply nourish your body from highly nutritious fresh pressed juices. We harvest from our own land, bowls and bowls of of organic produce and and fresh superfoods, and then juice them to make them more bioavailable.
  • Tone your body with our signature primal yoga during the weekdays and Costa Rican jungle hikes on the weekends. Aging is a process of loosing mobility and our primal yoga excels at helping you uncover the secret fountain of youth: healthy joints. Our teachers are movement specialists who will teach you how to move and restore natural ranges of motions while flushing out chronic inflammation and deepening your body-mind connection. Our movement classes are amazing for any fitness level. You do not need to have any experience with yoga.
  • Lowering the stress hormone Cortisol, by removing caffeine and limiting device use common areas only
  • Raising the sleep hormone melatonin by powering off WiFi between 10pm-6am
  • Supporting the elimination organs by removing inflammatory foods such as sugar, alcohol, starch and processed food
  • Plus: improved fitness, weight loss, stress reduction, improved sleeps and toxin elimination

Liver Detox: On the evening of the 4th day of Juicing you will be invited to do a deep liver detox. This is an extremely important part of the cleanse because the liver is in charge of the following functions in the body:

  • Bile production and excretion
  • Excretion of bilirubin, cholesterol, hormones, and drugs
  • Metabolism of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates
  • Enzyme activation
  • Storage of glycogen, vitamins, and minerals
  • Synthesis of plasma proteins, such as albumin, and clotting factors
  • Blood detoxification and purification
24 years in the making, this program has given thousands of guests the benefits of allowing their body and mind a break from their day-to-day lifestyle. Please contact us to see how the Hacienda del Sol’s detox retreat can meet your own health goals.

What does a typical day at Hacienda del Sol look like? The following is a basic outline of what to expect. We stick to a plan but some days might vary in fitness actives and, as always in the Costa Rica wilderness, some activities are weather dependent. While you will have your own time, most of your day will be filled with fitness activities, juices, detoxing, sunshine, beaches and nourishing jungle air.
7: 00 am Nourish the body and ‘break the fast’ with a revitalizing tonic
7:30 am Greet the day with a 90 minute Movement Class
9:00 am Enjoy a nutritious breakfast green juice
9:00 am Check In with your facilitator
9:30 am Psyllium husk purification shake
10:00 am Time for a colon cleansing colema
11:00 am Superfood Elixir
12:00 pm Lunch time Juice
1:00 pm Psyllium husk purification shake
1:00 pm Massage, detox and relaxation time: Relax with massage and detox treatment or take in some sun at our infinity salt water pool. You can take your elixirs into the treatment rooms:)
2:00 pm Superfood Elixir
3:00 pm Superfood Elixir
3:30 Afternoon Movement Class
4:30 pm Beach Adventure – Every day our complimentary shuttles take you to a new beach
5:00 pm Delicious and nutritious early evening cold pressed juice to enjoy while watching the sunset
6:30 pm Evening Mineral Broth
8:00 pm Coconut probiotics to replace gut flora

7 Night Juice Cleanse Detox and Yoga Retreat

What’s included in your Retreat

  • 7 days of detoxing (this is including your detox meals before and after the juice cleansing)
  • 6 days of cold pressed juices made from superfoods and produce that we grow right on our property. We use a norwalk juicer so that all of the nutrition is intact. You will have highly nutritious juice as well as superfood shakes, and a mineral packed vegetable broth each day. In order to clean out the old rubbish you will be taking 2 psyllium husk purification “shakes” each day.
  • 4 x consultations with one of Hacienda del Sol’s expert facilitators.
  • Daily Colemas
  • One (1) Liver Flush.
  • Detox specific meals before and after the cleanse.
  • 10 primal yoga classes (5 morning flow classes, 5 afternoon restorative classes)
  • Jungle hike to San Juanillo Beach.
  • Mountain Hike
  • Beach Hike
  • Sunset boat tour.
  • 1 Raw Food Cooking Classes (learn our tricks and bring them home with you).
  • Daily Sunset Beach Shuttles.
  • An assortment of herbal teas to assist in your detox.
  • Hacienda del Sol signature food to go on the day you leave to skip airport food.

Pure bliss!!!

“Already planning my return – yes, it was that good!!! Everything I wanted from a retreat – to be nourished and nurtured both physically and emotionally. I learnt so much about my own nutritional needs and came away reinvigorated and equipped to continue the lifestyle back home. A truly relaxing and inspiring experience surrounded by extremely knowledgeable, kind and accommodating people, not to mention the exquisitely delicious and freshly prepared meals!!! Set within a stunning location, the rooms and amenities are decorated with a beautiful serene simplicity complimenting the natural physical beauty of the area. Truly can’t wait to go back!!!”


Time out , Time away

“I can not thank the excellent team at this wonderful retreat enough for giving me back my zest for life. This beautiful jungle location ticked all the boxes . I spent a week hiking , yoga, mediation , reading and eating the most wonderful organic ketyo food. Guests can choose between juice cleanse, raw food or Keyto . The team support and nurture every step of the way . I think this needs to be an annual event for me to recharge and reset . Thank you x”


My favorite wellness destination

“I love everything about Hacienda, the relaxation, the jungle sounds, the beaches, the cabinas, the staff, the yoga, the pool, the juice, the food, the service. This was my 3rd year and I hope to be back each and every year.


Retreat Prices

HIGH SEASON November 1st to May 31st
BRISA $1,995pp $1,995pp
TIERRA $2,674pp $2,170pp
PURA $2,996pp $2,415pp
LOW SEASON June 1st to October 31st
BRISA $1,806pp $1,806pp
TIERRA $2,310pp $1,890pp
PURA $2,611pp $2,114pp
HOLIDAY SEASON December 20 - January 5
BRISA $2,373pp $2,373pp
TIERRA $3,024pp $2,464pp
PURA $3,409pp $2,730pp
*All prices include 13% taxes. *Holiday prices may be reduced on days outside holiday dates.

Brisa: Shared cabina (single bed), small, attached bathroom, no AC.
Tierra: Private Bunglaow (1 king bed), larger bathroom, no AC.
Pura: Private Bungalow (1 king bed), large newly renovated bathroom, AC.

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