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Is Hacienda del Sol for you?

Read to find out more about our resort.

It is our pleasure to welcome you to Hacienda del Sol! You’re one step closer to an unforgettable journey, but Hacienda del Sol is not for everyone. Please read through the following paragraphs before deciding whether or not to embark on this journey with us.

Nature and Accommodation:

One of the first things you’ll first notice is that Hacienda del Sol is thriving with life. Nature is everywhere! Our property is located in a tropical dry forest that we share with monkeys, frogs, lizards, parrots, hummingbirds, and a variety of other creatures. We truly take pride in our efforts to preserve the natural environment, so to minimize our impact on our surroundings, we don’t use insecticides and herbicides.

The windows of our cozy casitas have thin screens that allow the soothing breeze to pass through. Along with this breeze comes some small insects and creatures (e.g. geckos—nothing large or dangerous). We recommend that guests turn off all of the lights in their rooms, which not only saves energy, but also attracts fewer critters to the rooms at night. Our casitas do not have air-conditioning, but they do have ceiling fans.

Sharing your holiday with our ever-present critter population is a special part of your stay at Hacienda del Sol. While you will see many new forms of life, you are not at risk for danger. We are lucky to have such abundant wildlife in the common areas and near your casitas!

Roads and getting here:

Part of the beauty of Hacienda del Sol is it’s seclusion. To get here, you will take a bumpy off-road ride, but it’s well worth it. Liberia airport is about 2 hours from us, and 40 minutes of that is in a dirt road. If you want to drive here yourself, we strongly recommend that you use a vehicle with 4-wheel drive.


Hacienda del Sol is close to several beaches. The shortest is a 25-minute walk, or a 2-minute drive, and the farthest is a 45-minute walk, or a 5-minute drive. If you do not wish to walk we offer a daily beach shuttle included in your room rate.

There are neither bars nor restaurants near the beaches, and no other forms of commercial establishments nearby. This is wonderful for your experience at Hacienda because all of the beaches keep their natural, unspoiled beauty.

The closest town with a beach-bar is a 40-minute drive away.


Even though we love creating vegan dishes on special occasions (and fish, once in a blue moon), our main menu is 100% Raw Vegan. Some dishes include nuts but can be removed in case of mild allergies.

Smoking and Alcohol:

We are a wellness center, smoking and alcohol are not permitted in the premises.

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