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12 bungalows – maximum 25 guests

Hacienda del Sol is located 14 Km up the coast from Nosara, on the Guanacaste Peninsula of Costa Rica. This area of Costa Rica is one of the last remaining areas that is only accessible via dirt roads which is one of the many things that makes it so charming. Being 14 km outside of the busy touristy area of Nosara makes our retreat centre the most magical place to restore and rejuvenate. There are no temptations, no noise and no crowds.

“If you are looking to get away to a lovely, scenic location that is off the beaten path where you will get wonderfully personalized service while eating really good food, doing fun activities / exercises – go to Hacienda del Sol!. That’s why I went. But don’t be surprised if you walk away thinking “Wait a second. Was that truly as wonderful (even better than I expected) as I think it was….?” The answer is “Yes” & that is why I will be going back!” TripAdvisor Review August 2019

Location: San Juanillo, Guanacaste 

We are located 5 minutes drive to one of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica (San Juanillo Beach). Visit acata.

We are located in the largest of only 5 blue zones in the world. *

*Blue zones are geographical areas with the highest concentration of centenarians. People here live past 100 at 10 times the average. And it is not just living, it is 100+ years of quality living. Science might still not fully comprehend why this is, but our souls grasp this the second we step into it.