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What kind of payments does Hacienda del Sol accept?

Hacienda Del Sol accepts cash and credit cards on site. Please note: a 13% tax is added to our prices.

Can I pay by credit card for my body treatments and store items during my stay at Hacienda del Sol?

Yes. But please note that there will be 13% tax added to our prices.

What airport should I fly into if I plan to visit Hacienda del Sol?

The closest airport to Hacienda del Sol is Liberia International Airport (LIR), only a 2/2½ hour scenic drive away.

What is the cost for transportation from the Liberia airport?

If you are traveling alone, the shuttle from Liberia to Hacienda Del Sol is $120-$130 each way. If you share the shuttle with one other person, the cost is $65 – $70 per person. If you share with three or more people, the cost is $65 per person.

Can Hacienda del Sol book my taxi for me?

Yes, we can. While the cost of a transportation is not included in the retreat price, we are very happy to book the taxi for you and to organize it so that you can share the taxi with others coming to Hacienda del Sol. After you have booked your flight to Liberia, please send the time of arrival and your flight number to info@haciendadelsolcr.com.

How far is Hacienda del Sol from the ocean and local markets?

  • Hacienda Del Sol is close to many beaches, but there are two beaches we visit most often. One is a black sand beach that is only a couple minutes’ drive or a 15-minute walk away. The other is a white sand beach with calmer water that’s perfect for snorkeling and swimming. The white sand beach is a five-minute drive or 25-minute walk away.
  • Our remote location in the jungle, miles away from the noisier cities and tourist-driven areas, keeps our essence intact so that you can be yourself without distractions. The closest town is San Juanillo, a town of 200 people, which you can reach in five minutes by car. If you’re looking for more excitement, you can head to Nosara for a day trip. Nosara is a much larger town and is about a 30-minute drive away.

What is the airport departure tax from Costa Rica?

Departure tax is $29. The fee can be paid in US Dollars, Costa Rican Colónes, or via Visa/MasterCard (as a cash advance).

What should I pack for a trip to Hacienda Del Sol?

Be sure to pack mosquito repellant, hiking or running shoes, a flashlight, water bottle, sunscreen, an extra pair of flip flops for the colema beds, and a skin brush. Our retreat in Costa Rica is very remote, so make sure to bring all your toiletries. There will not be anywhere to purchase things when you get here.

How do I get to Hacienda del Sol?

Use our Google map on the bottom of the pages to find your way to Hacienda del Sol.

Retreat Facilities

Do the rooms have TV/Cable?

No. We aim to provide a break free from television and the everyday routine.

Is there Internet access?

Yes, we offer free Wi-Fi access at Hacienda Del Sol, but no computers, or laptops – please bring your own laptop.

Are there mosquito nets in the rooms?

Yes. No need to bring mosquito nets, they will be provided.

Is there laundry service?

Yes, leave your clothes with us in the early morning and you will have them back in the late afternoon. There is a charge.

Is there hot water?

Yes, showers in the bathrooms have hot water.

Am I allowed to smoke on the hotel premises?

Costa Rica has passed very strict non-smoking legislation. Smoking is prohibited in public places. Please be aware that you are not going to be able to smoke on our premises during your stay. Thank you for understanding.

Is the food and water safe?

Yes, the food and water at Hacienda Del Sol and most spots in the area is safe.

Does Hacienda Del Sol provide towels in the rooms?

Yes, we provide towels in each room, as well as beach towels.

Tours, Activities and Wildlife

Will we see wildlife?

Wildlife is very unpredictable; you never know which forest dwellers we will encounter!

Do I have to sign up for activities before I arrive?

All tours are best arranged after you arrive. This will allow you time to make yourself comfortable, get familiar with our property and the surrounding areas, talk with our staff, and learn about other guests’ experiences. The schedules for all the tours depend on the availability of the various guides and companies providing them. We do not know more than a day or two in advance which tours will be available on a particular day or at a particular hour by the local community guides.

Surrounded by Nature

Hacienda del Sol is nestled into the natural world, renting space amongst the wildlife as visitors in the animal kingdom. Though we cannot guarantee that you will be seeing all of the animals found around the area, you will surely come across some interesting species during your stay. Along with the “cute” animals, come the insects, some small and others larger. Non-venomous spiders are abundant. You might also come across some scorpions, which do bite hard, but are not poisonous. Tolerance of these ever-present animal populations is a necessary compromise.

Health and Weather

Are there medical services available in the area?

Local government doctors and a private physician are available in Nosara (approximately nine miles away).

Do I need shots to travel here?

No shots are necessary for travel to Costa Rica.

What is the temperature/ weather like?

At Hacienda Del Sol, and in the Guanacaste area in general, expect warm, breezy days, with highs of 82 – 92 degrees, lows 75 – 85. Because of afternoon clouds, August through November are cooler months, with highs in the 70s. Temperatures during January through April are in the mid- to high 80s.

Although Costa Rica is considered to have a stable climate, it is important to note that different temperature and weather conditions may be experienced within the same day, or within short distances, due mostly to the rugged terrain of this mountainous country. There are two well defined seasons: the rainy/green season (invierno), and the dry/summer season (verano), with one main difference between them: rainfall averages. The dry season runs from December to April, and the green season from May to November. Rainfall averages for the country may reach the highest point during the months of September and October — approximately 25 inches per month.

Seasonal changes don’t bring significant changes in temperatures, although nights may be cooler in some areas during the rainy season. Mornings will most commonly be sunny all year round. San José is located 1,150 meters above sea level, and has a temperate climate throughout the year. Temperatures can drop to 60°F at night and rise to 80°F during the day, giving rise to the image of San José as a city with an eternal spring climate. The Intermontane Central Valley, where San José lies, has an average temperature of 68°F, and is considered dry compared to the humidity of the Caribbean slope. When it rains, temperatures will drop slightly, mostly because of humidity and winds.

The Caribbean coastline has an average temperature of 70°F at night, and 86°F during the day. The rainy season has a rainfall average of 224 inches per year along the coast, on the eastern face of the mountains and in the Caribbean lowlands. In most of Costa Rica the peak periods of rainfall occur during May to June and September to October, although precipitation remains substantial throughout the period. Though it is considered to be the wettest region of the country, rains usually occur in the late evening and nighttime. Due to humidity and trade winds, temperatures will remain low, and even drop noticeably during rainy nights.

The Pacific coast is warmer than the Atlantic by 5° to 10°F. The northern part of the country is totally dry for six months of the year. Rainfall averages only 59 inches a year in the northwest and central part of the country. General rainfall will reach up to 197 inches per year. High, mountainous areas, such as the region surrounding Costa Rica ‘s highest peak Cerro Chirripo, have cold, windy and cloudy conditions all year round. Chirripo remains below 50°F during the day, and may experience temperatures as low as 32°F at night. Frost and even snow have been reported (okay, just once in the last century). As a general rule, temperatures decline with elevation at a rate of approximately 3.5 Fahrenheit degrees per thousand feet in Costa Rica. Thus, average December temperatures vary from 79°F at Orotina on the coast, to 66°F in San José at 3500 feet, to a chilly 43°F in Villa Mills at 10,000 feet.

First-time visitors to Costa Rica often neglect to bring a warm jacket with them after reading about the climates of the coastal regions and the Central Valley. A medium-weight fleece jacket is ideal.

To learn more about what to expect from your trip to our Costa Rica resort, please contact us.



Yoga is one of the main tools we use to provide our guests with a powerful rejuvenating experience. It is suitable for beginner to low-intermediate.

Raw Food

Is Hacienda del Sol 100% raw?

* No, Hacienda del Sol is not 100% raw. Raw food is, however, our specialty. We have experienced the wonderful benefits of a Raw diet, but for us it is only one of the tools we use to create a rejuvenating experience for our guests. We have cooked items on our menu like such as organic vegetables, fresh locally caught fish and organic eggs. If you want to be 100% raw while you are staying with us please let us know and we will be sure to accommodate you. You may also check our menu to have a better understanding

Blue Zones

One of the things we are the most fortunate about is our location. Not only are we surrounded by unspoiled Guanacaste dry forest and gorgeous, undeveloped beaches less than a kilometer away, but we are located in the largest of the only 5 blue zones in the world.

Blue zones are geographical areas with the highest concentration of centenarians. People here live past 100 at 10 times the average. And it is not just living, it is 100+ years of quality living. Science might still not fully comprehend why this is, but our souls grasp this the second we step into it. It just feels good being here! Most of our guests feel happy and healthier just being here, and we maximize this with daily practices of Yoga, walking, hiking, and just plain delicious and healthy eating.

Is Hacienda Del Sol Wellness Center a medical facility?

Hacienda Del Sol is NOT a medical facility and we do NOT give medical advice. All participants are responsible to get clearance from their doctor before participating in any of our programs. Furthermore, Hacienda Del Sol is 3 hours from the closest hospital and 45 minutes from the closest clinic, therefore participants with health conditions that require fast access to health care should take that into consideration before making a reservation.

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