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Embodying Flow Retreat

Summer Huntington MS
Founder of Clubbell Yoga

Have you been wanting a total mind and body reset that helps you release old patterns and self-limiting beliefs?
Have you been running your business full-time and getting close to burnout?
Are you looking for a way to restore and re-invest in your own personal development going into the new year?
Do you want to develop a mindset of flow, establish sustainable rhythms for creativity, productivity, and self-care from a pro?


Personal Development
Creativity, Productivity and Self Care
Tapping into Flow

Embodying Flow

To truly understand the inextricable connection between mind body and spirit, you must have a significant somatic experience. In other words… You have to FEEL it to truly know it. Summer has created the Embodying Flow retreat for you to learn how to create balance in your personal life, your business and in your relationship with your highest self.

What is included in this retreat:

√ 7- nights accommodation in breathtaking cabinas in the jungle
√ All Meals – Full-service raw living foods breakfasts, lunches, and dinners – Hacienda del Sol’s menu is designed to support your highest wellness goals and chooses to serve mostly living foods.
√ All freshly pressed juices, coconut water, and teas. In order to support your wellness goals, we do not to serve alcohol.
√ 10 Yoga Classes (led by resident teachers)
√ Jungle hike to San Juanillo Beach.
√ Sunset walks to Sonidos del Mar.
√ Sunset boat tour.
√ Daily Beach Shuttles.
√ Hacienda del Sol signature food to go on the day you leave to skip airport food.

+ Time with Summer’s expert facilitation 

√ 16 Hours of Science of Flow Intensive (Clubbell Yoga)
√4 Flow State of Mind Group (FSM) Coaching Modules
√ 3 Unique Personal Growth “FSM Practices”
√ 7 FlowFit & Clubbell Yoga Classes


Why are nutrition and meaningful movement is the cornerstone of the Embodying Flow retreat on a physiological level?


When we cleanse and restore our physical bodies through daily Flow practice, breath-work and amazing nutrition, we create space for energetic shifts start to occur. We move out of fight or flight mode and remember what it feels like to be connected to our physical bodies and our truth. On an even deeper level, our hormones can come into balance, we can boost immunity and energy, our cortisol levels decrease and we can halt the adrenaline dump that we have become accustomed to with the ‘daily grind’.

Educational Immersion on the Science of Flow:

Summer Huntington, MS, will be leading three five hour modules jam-packed with education on the theory behind her cutting edge Clubbell Yoga practice.


The Embodying Flow Retreat is carefully curated to facilitate change to your body chemistry, your physical practice and most importantly your mindset.  If any of this resonates with you, keep reading… this is merely the beginning of a life changing retreat.


Flow State of Mind Group Coaching Modules

Summer coaches entrepreneurs on how to create authentic brands with heart with clients around the globe. She will be offering 4 group coaching modules on personal development using her signature Flow State of Mind coaching approach. Each 75 minute module focuses on the core principles of her signature coaching and comes with personal development homework that she will give you prior to the retreat. These group coaching modules will allow you to really zoom in on your Vision, your personal brand, the growth that you want to manifest and most importantly your Mindset. Her coaching will absolutely empower you to listen to your highest self, and start releasing self-limiting beliefs that no longer serve you. Her teaching style is providing real life scenarios and applications that will help empower you to easily identify the areas for growth. We all have big dreams, but dreams will stay dreams if you let them. Flow State of Mind coaching will give you the tools to build momentum and Flow in all areas of your life.

Flow State of Mind Practices

Our connection with nature and our ability to authentically connect with ourselves give us POWER to put our best work into the world. Summer has created several engaging and meaningful ‘practices’ that are seamlessly woven into the retreat. In designing this retreat, she has intentionally created the “container” for you to step into your personal power and asks you to trust in that process. The daily Flow State of Mind practices is derived from various traditions, ceremony, meditations, mantra and pranayama work that will take you even deeper into an exploration of consciousness.  She emphasizes is a non-dogmatic approach to teaching mindfulness and personal empowerment.


Take a Deeper Look at Embodying Flow day by day

5:30pm Flow Community Dinner – sharing intentions for retreat
7:15pm welcome and orientation to parameters of the retreat – short yin practice before bed with essential oils

9:15am-3:30pm Science of Flow Intensive
[1.5 hour lunch break with infinity pool time]
7:30pm FSM coaching module I (vision)

9:15am-3:30pm CBY and Flow Science Intensive
[1.5 hour lunch break with infinity pool time]
7:00pm FSM module II (manifesting and releasing) beach bonfire

9:15am-3:30pm CBY and Flow Science Intensive
[1.5 hour lunch break with infinity pool time]
7:30pm FSM practice – free form flow dance party

9:15am FlowFit Mobility Class
11-12pm FSM coaching module III (personal rhythm and living from the heart)
2pm – sunset FSM Practice: Solo Vision Quest
7:15pm -9:00pm SMR class with Rad Roller tools

9:15am Clubbell Yoga Flow class
11-12pm FSM Coaching Module IV (Leadership and Action)
3:45pm *optional restorative yoga
7:30pm FSM Practice Speaking our Truth

9:15am hybrid FlowFit & CBY class
11-12pm FSM Practice Acknowledging Growth
(Group shares, personal testimonials)
3:45*optional restorative yoga
7:30pm Essential Oils and Restorative Yoga with Summer

Optional yoga and breakfast

Total Retreat & Facilitation Value at over $6000 USD 

Save 40% get registered by 2/1!

Retreat prices start at $2779 ($3221 OFF full price)

Limited to 10 people maximum

Your prices

*includes all holistic food made to order, fresh juices and gorgeous healthy snacks, and delicious desserts. See sample menu by RAW Food Chef Crystal Gallardo

**airfare and travel costs separate

Shared Bungalow (2 twin beds),  small attached bathroom, no AC. $2779 pp single/$2779pp double

Private Bunglaow (1 king bed),  larger bathroom, no AC. $3174pp single/$2779pp double

Private Bungalow (1 king bed), large newly renovated bathroom, AC. $3570 pp single/$2976 pp double

*All bookings are done individually with Hacienda del Sol, request your accommodations via email to owner and manager He will respond within 24 hours to confirm your booking, or take a deposit to reserve your space.