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Why a Juice cleanse retreat?
Why a Juice cleanse retreat?

Juice cleanse retreat


If you have been considering a juice cleanse, why not consider a juice cleanse retreat at Hacienda Del Sol? We offer a world renowned detox program made up of freshly pressed juice as well as over 15 years of experience and development using natural detox methods.

Hacienda Del Sol’s juice cleanse retreat is based on a detox program that assures you a complete cleanse and is done with ultimate health in mind. Our program is based on mainly a juice diet with extra nutritional support using the highest quality supplements and vegetable broths. We use a Norwalk Hydraulic Press juicer which extracts all the vitamins and minerals our fresh produce can provide. This also ensures that each glass you drink will have the best taste possible. In addition to the juices, as mentioned before, you will be supplemented with superfood shakes, vegetable broths and herbal cleansers.

Our retreat offers our clients the flexibility of choosing between a 7 and 14 day retreat program. Each package is inclusive. Depending upon which package you choose, you will be given either a 7 or 14 night accommodation at the Hacienda Del Sol, 6 or 12 days of juice cleansing as well as your shakes, broths and herbal cleansers. Also included in each package are private consultations with our expert facilitators, colon cleanses, a liver flush, yoga classes, guided hikes and walks and detox meals before and after the cleanse. We also like to offer our clients other amenities as well as the luxury of a sunset boat tour and beach shuttle services. Please see our website for further information and prices.

Begin your wellness journey with us.