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What is TRX, Anyway?
What is TRX, Anyway?

We are currently the only wellness centre in all of central and south america offering the programming we do.  Not only does our all inclusive Core Wellness program encompass everything to make a stay with us sublime and muy saludable (very healthy), but it’s our unique combination of Juice Detoxes, Raw Food Culinary Education, and Mindful Fitness that really stands us apart from the crowd.  This past season we began offering a new wellness enhancement to our  regime, introducing TRX Personal Training Sessions to the list!

What is TRX Suspension Training?

Born in the Navy SEALs, this type of bodyweight exercise was created by Navy SEAL Squadron Commander, Randy Hetrick as a way to maintain peak physical condition while on deployment.  TRX is a training tool that develops strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously, leveraging gravity and the user’s body weight to complete hundreds of exercises.  Although it’s a fairly simple concept, TRX is a full-body strength workout that is highly beneficial for endurance athletes and fitness newbies alike.

TRX Costa Rica

Riccardo works with clients and kettle bells

Meet Riccardo

Our team TRX coach Riccardo hails from Italy, and has been personal training for 15 years.  He has specialized certifications and trainings using not only the TRX system, but also kettle bells, clubbells and more.

For him, TRX offers a unique opportunity to really see his clients “where they are”.  When working with new persons, Riccardo uses this equipment to get a baseline fitness level, examining clients’ form and strength during various exercises like squats, and chest presses.  He also likes that he can use TRX to isolate functional movements/balance practices for athletes, making it a great focussed workout for surfers, soccer players, boxers and more!

Riccardo says that Kettle/Clubbells are ideal for more intermediate to advanced training, and are more aerobic in nature.  These pieces of equipment are typically worked into sessions in intense, short increments, while the Clubbell is perfect for building upper body strength in the chest and shoulders.

The Perfect Workout

An hour or TRX is a surefire way to get the blood pumping! Riccardo loves to incorporate TRX into every session as it is also a great way to really get the body warmed up and stretched out. So what makes the ideal 60 minutes session in his books?

  • 15 minutes of TRX
  • 15 minutes of kettle bells
  • 15 minutes of cowbells
  • finishing things off with 15 minutes of boxing!

If you have been interested in seeing what the TRX hype is all about (and believe us, it more than lives up to the recent fame!), why not add on some classes with Riccardo during your next stay with us?  Come and experience the ideal fitness class in person; we promise you, you’re worth it!