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Top 5 Tips to Re-Calibrate Post-Holidays
Top 5 Tips to Re-Calibrate Post-Holidays

We all want a vibrant and happy new year, right?  Let us help you jump off on the right foot this 2016!
Back in November, we introduced our Hacienda del Sol Expert Panel.  With over 20 years of wellness experience under our belts, our team here possesses an incredible amount of knowledge and expertise.  With our new Expert Panel Q&A program, it is our hope to spread the wellness message and hopefully help some of our past clients, readers, and future retreat guests alike!  Today, we are addressing the query posted to us from Jessica, a guest who took part in our 7 Night Juice Cleanse in early 2015.  Jessica writes:
“I allowed myself to truly enjoy all the goodness that comes along with the holidays, and now I am ready to get back on track!  What are the top tips from the team at Hacienda for re-setting my health after the festive season?”
– Jessica

Thanks for writing Jessica!  We went to our team to get the goods, and since we are celebrating the New Year and all things health and wellness for 2016, we thought we’d get lots of ideas from a handful of the experts.  While we planned to share just the top 5 tips from our pros, we decided to include all the suggestions we gathered after speaking with each of them.  Here is what they all had to say!

lemon water

Fresh Pressed Juice

Costa Rican Healer

Sharlynn –  Juice Cleanse Facilitator, RN, Immunity Enhancement Expert:

Fill up on fresh lemon & green juices to alkalize your body’s post-holiday acidic state!  Get your body moving in any way you can, all to encourage regular bowel movements and natural detoxification.



Enjoy Nature.

Angie – Yoga Teacher, Mindful Fitness
Coach, Ayurvedic Massage Therapist & Reiki Practitioner: 

Incorporate many small changes for better health!  Go to yoga, and/or sit and meditate for at least 3 minutes a day.  Take lemon water and cayenne in the morning, and go for a walk

If you can’t get away for a Juice Cleanse, you can also juice/smoothie “feast” 1 day a week to give your digestion a break.


Meg – Conscious Culinary Educator, Raw Food Chef, Nutrition Coach: First of all, accept that you did nothing wrong in enjoying the festive season and all that goes with it!  The holidays are meant to bring light, love, and plenty of laughter, and enjoying every aspect of this delicious and satisfying time of year is perfectly ok.  The key is to get your health back on track in easy ways that ensure longevity!  Keep your metabolism humming and blood sugar stable by eating small meals every 3 hours, with an equal balance of protein, good fats, and carbs.  Think whole food, and steer clear of packaged and processed foods as often as you can.  Enjoy lots of leafy greens, cut back on sugar, and incorporate high protein foods like spirulina and organic eggs, and get moving!  Aim for 20 minute of exercise a day, preferably working in intervals of high intensity and lower resting intervals (high for 30 seconds, low for 10).

vegan food costa Rica

Nourish Your Temple!


Start a journal!

Holistic Nutritionist Cost RicaNicole  – Holistic Nutritionist (CR & Toronto): Sit down and write out a plan of action: list the healthy habits you want to implement and make a schedule around it.
Gather healthy recipes together, and set up a yoga/meditation space that you will see every day and it will remind you to stop and take time to reflect, meditate and stretch.

Organic juice

Light Fruit Smoothie

Costa Rica SpaNadzeya – Yoga Teacher & Massage Therapist: 
Lemon water every morning! This will help get your digestion rolling and counteract some of the heavier meals taken over the holidays.
For even more relief choose to eat a bowl of papaya about 30 minutes after your water, which will encourage excess food waste to exit the body.

The overall theme to our experts’ tips seems to be self-care.  So instead of setting one huge and lofty goal for the year like we so often find ourselves doing come the morning of January 1, why not commit to the simple act of self love?  It is really just about making small changes, and allowing yourself time to see and feel the results.  Your body is a miraculous thing, and will quickly bounce back from excessive holiday cheer with just some simple attention, and intention from you. Of course, we know there are many out there who do like the idea of setting a year-long plan, and if that’s you and you wish to go the “resolution” route, then perhaps think about breaking your goal into a series of steps, focusing on creating sub-goals that are concrete, measurable and time-based.

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