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Christine-lee_ yoga_teacher
Christine Lee

Christine-lee_ yoga_teacher

“As a yoga teacher and life coach, offering the absolute best to my students and clients is very important to me. Facilitating and leading a yoga retreat, as anyone who has undertaken it knows, is a big responsibility. I have brought two large groups of students and clients to Hacienda Del Sol in the past 2 years and have just re-booked my 3rd year. After two incredible experiences, I have no intention of going anywhere else.

The staff, the grounds, the amenities, food, spa services, activities, you name it…. are top-notch at Hacienda. There was easeful communication right from the time of booking, and the needs of the participants were always taken care of. Some of my clients are senior leaders in their industry, and they were blown away by the beauty and tranquility that Hacienda Del Sol offered them.

Essentially, everything that I felt responsible for as a retreat leader, that wasn’t really in my control—ensuring the participants were provided with safe and comfortable accommodations, nourishing food, caring interactions with staff, safe transportation to and from the airport and activities—Hacienda met and exceeded expectations. The choice to run my retreats at Hacienda means that I get to focus on doing my job: delivering high-quality yoga and meditation classes, while making sure I connect with everyone on a personal level. There is something truly magical about Hacienda Del Sol—the land, the people, and the seamless integration of all of the pieces that make this retreat centre what it is. I can’t speak highly enough about it; and sincerely recommend it to anyone looking for the optimal retreat experience.”

Christine Lee May 4, 2016