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Raw-sagna Recipe

This recipe comes from Hacienda’s resident raw food fanatic, Meg Pearson’s library of living food loves.  It may seem like a lengthy list of steps, but believe us, it’s worth it in the end!  And if you are perhaps curious about learning more in depth with Meg (and a team of other great chefs & leaders) here in Costa Rica, check out the upcoming Conscious Chef Culinary Course, slated to launch in April 2015!  Intrigued?  Email us to get on the list and be first to know official details!

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Easy “Cheesy” Pumpkin-Seedy Kale Chips!

We have 3 dehydrators here in our raw food restaurant at HDS, and most days all 3 are running full.  Inside, you can find everything from a fresh dried batch of raw granola, to zucchini wrap tortillas, to our rich and savory almond burgers.  Every once and a while we like to mix things up and toss in a tray or 2 of kale chips!  Crisp, delish, and so simple to make at home!  Try it today!

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Sweet Pea Hummus

It’s cold out there for some of you readers.  I know, I was born and raised in Canada. So today I thought we’d skip ahead in time to Spring, and share a recipe that calls for the quintessential turn of the season ingredient we all know and love; the sweet pea.  Enjoy.

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Chocolate Lovin’ Nutbutter Balls

It’s here. Valentine’s Day .  Why not tantalize your taste buds with a good for your heart, soul, and lover recipe like this one!? Healthy, and brimming with feel good compounds, nothing says lovin’ like RAW CACAO!

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Chocolate Lovin’ Raw Cacao Drizzle

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we have decided to share some of our fave chocolate recipes here on the HDS blog; all perfect for enjoying solo, or sharing with that *special* someone!  Healthy, and brimming with feel-good compounds, nothing says lovin’ like RAW CACAO! 

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