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Costa Rica Green Season Thrills!

Traditionally referred to as ‘green season”, Costa Rica’s winter, or rainy time of year is often considered the low period as far as business and tourism is concerned, but that is not to say it is not one of the best times to visit!  Yes, there are typically fewer travelers through the country at this time, but that means all the more awesome for you!  If you are a surfer, you can enjoy quiet beaches with killer waves, and next to zero lineup past the break.  Green season means more showers throughout the day, but early mornings (prime tide time) are still warm and clear.  Later on, you can cool off with the afternoon rains, and look forward to potentially perfectly clear skies by sunset. Got a serious sense of adventure?  Look no further than our nearby jungle hikes and discover plentiful rolling rivers and wondrous waterfalls, really only worth the walk this time of year!  White water rafting is also at its peak when the rivers swell and wave with panache!  Not to mention, the surrounding rainforest becomes a little more mystical as well! Are you an avid reader?  Nothing invites digging into a good book like the calming patter of tropical […]

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Harnessing the Power of the Sun!

Green season is just around the corner in Costa Rica, but we here at Hacienda like to consider our environment and vision “green” all year round!  Not only are we aiming to self-sustainably fuel 80% of our restaurant needs by end of 2015 via our outstanding new organic garden, but we also strive to keep it clean for Mama Nature in any way possible. One of the biggest steps towards eco-elevated service was in late 2014 when owners of Hacienda Crystal & Ramiro Gallardo decided to move over to solar energy.  Ramiro sourced out a company run by a fellow named Monty, who at first glance looks like something out of a Mad Max movie; a tattooed bad ass with a finely honed instinct for the most efficient way of getting things done.  Monty is a highly skilled electrician from Germany that is bridging state of the art green technology with the limitations inherent in jungle living – a perfect fit for this new eco-initiative! Hacienda began installation in August 2014 and just finished installing the last few panels in early May of this year.  The units have homes atop a few cabina roofs, and there are a few scattered […]

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Green Season Discounts & Green Ice Cream!

Green is one of our favorite colors here at Hacienda Del Sol!  And with the lush green season just around the corner, we are excited to once again be offering deep discounts on vacations during this period from June through October.  If you have been thinking about visiting Costa Rica, our “winter” here is a dream; daily showers equal rainforest thick canopies of tropical beauty, and the humid, clean air is filled with life-force and vitality you can truly feel!

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