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The Garden

By: Meg Pearson Conscious Culinary  Often, food can make or break a holiday.  That is why we take our cuisine seriously here at Hacienda del Sol.  We approach food with the same passion and care as we do all of our services and facilities, and strive to please every palate, while also serving mother earth and the health of our guests with respect and honor.  We strive to ensure our restaurant is serving up the very best quality dishes by selecting local and seasonal ingredients, and working with area farmers and vendors that share the same vision.  Whether we are sourcing raw cacao from our neighbours farm, or freshly pressed coconut oil from our local friend and supplier, we look to our community for close to home and healthy fare. Farm to Table With a year-round growing season and the extremely fertile tierra here in Guanacaste, it was a natural next step for us to create our very own organic finca (farm) here on the land.  In line with our mission to cultivate vibrancy and vitality for all, we know that including fresh and local ingredients in our raw juices and vegetarian meals will take our guests’ nutrition to the next level.  […]

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Customized Retreats

Tired of all those pre-packaged, one-size-fits-all wellness vacations out there? Ready to invest in your health and vitality, but wish to ensure it is the ideal combination of rest, revitalization, and real healing that you desire and deserve?

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Celebrate 20 Years With 20% Off!

It’s tough to admit, and just as hard to say out loud, but August is here, and this means we are rounding into the final stretch of the summer!  While we don’t wish to cut anyone’s days of sweet heat and soothing sunshine short, we do think it prime time that we all start thinking about and planning for our mid-season reprieve from old man winter!

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Restaurant Recommendations

Just a decade ago it was next to impossible to simply come across a fine dining establishment happy to cater to those interested in raw and/or vegan cuisine.  Nowadays though, it is not only easy, but there are more and more restaurants creating fabulous plant-based menus that are perfectly palate pleasing, even to the curious carnivore!

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It’s Been 20 Years!

This November, Hacienda Del Sol marks the start of it’s 20th season!  That’s two decades of wellness, twenty years of welcoming friends to our jungle oasis, and a whole ton of jungle fun! Over the years Hacienda Del Sol has been home to many special events and expert guests, has been a haven for happy holiday-ers, and has even been a massage therapy training school. 

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