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Sustainability Update: Cool Community Karma
Sustainability Update: Cool Community Karma

2015 has brought a lot of firsts and “newness” to Hacienda!  What, with all our bungalow, colema, and reception area renovations (stay tuned for a blog on that to come!), forever evolving organic greenhouse, and firmly standing, always growing “garbage wall”, it is tough to see how we can top things in 2016!

That being said, we do have a few more exciting additions to tell you about.  Besides this here swanky new website, we are offering some new incentives in our sustainability mission this year that we haven’t even told you about!  First though, some updates:

Garbage wall


You may recall when we told you about this eco-chic project back in November.  Well, Menlha and her fearless crew have completed stage one of the great wall, and it looks spectacular!  Who would know this gorgeous grounds surround was filled with trash?

Organic Garden11037326_10155348459635226_2139038150334990430_n

Gyan and his team are still at it!  As we have told you, our organic greenhouse and finca (farm, in spanish) has been harvesting everything from jicama, to kale, to peppers, watermelons, long beans and more!  As the heavy rain season approaches now, preparations are in place to help avoid as much soil erosion and crop devastation as possible, and Gyan is looking forward to many new projects to take place within the dry environment of the greenhouse come September and October.  This month we will also have a garden volunteer aboard to have with all these awesome plans!


So what’s New?

If you have been to (or by!) Hacienda in recent months, you may have noticed that our road is a little better marked these days!  That’s because Menlha once again decided to take matters into her own hands, after seeing one too many local persons standing waiting for the bus in the hot sun at the main corner where Hacienda’s road meets the highway.  Earlier this season she contracted some local builders to put together a shaded bus stop, fittingly painted a bright sunny orange with Hacienda’s original sun logo smiling at all that pass by.


Here at Hacienda, we are in the business of helping others. That is our mission with all of our wellness programs and we try to extend this thought into as many areas of operation as we can.  Karma may well be our middle name.  Did you know we offer our Tico (Costa Rican) staff free english lessons?  We hire and train 60% of our staff from the surrounding area and we know that this skill proves invaluable in the tourism job market here in Central America, and while we know this makes things easier for us to run our business, we also want to assist our staff in always being able to find great careers long after then may move on from our boutique resort.  We also like to encourage physical health for them too, and Hacienda co-owner Ramiro teaches complimentary twice weekly Mindful Classes to our local staff, and they are all welcome to come to our yoga classes at no charge.

Another way we are really working to give back, is via our education karma program.  We have long been collecting cash donations from interested guests in order to help local families pay to bus their older children to nearby towns to attend middle school.  Now, we are also asking that should our visitors wish, they can bring along gently used electronics like laptops or computer accessories, extra pens and pencils, or any school supplies they see fit, to help furnish our local elementary school with all it needs to continue teaching our San Juanillo kiddies.

And finally, (and this one’s just a fun one!), we wanted to share with our readers a photo of one of Menlha’s much earlier recycling concepts:  the plastic bottle tiles our one of our original sprouting green houses.  Not a bad upcycle, huh?


That’s it for now; stay tuned for lots more, friends!  Our (happy) work really is never done.

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