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Retreat Sneak Peek: Mindful Fitness
Retreat Sneak Peek: Mindful Fitness

Looking for a place to call Hacienda for a week?  In need of a nourishing and rejuvenating vacation that will leave you feeling renewed, revitalized, and ready to roll healthy new habits into day to day life?

Look no further that at our menu of 7 to 21 day wellness retreat packages.  These all inclusive vacations cater to those looking for in-depth cleansing, detoxification, nourishment, strength, and knowledge.

Currently we are offering:

This week on the blog, we are going to look at the strength and flexibility infused retreat we call “Mindful Fitness“.

Move over ho-hum at-home gym routine!  Time to jumpstart your fitness regime!   Twice daily workouts with professional coaches will invigorate your mind and awaken your body.  Your trainer will take you through a thorough morning workout involving joint mobility exercises and a flow-based sequence of activities with a strong focus on mindful breathing.  This connection between body and brain beautifully embodies the essence of what we call “moving meditation.”

Your afternoon includes a pre-sunset yoga session designed specifically to stretch and soothe sore muscles from the day.

All of this fueled by a balanced daily mix of raw, vegan meals with optional locally caught and raised fish and/or egg add-ons.

Ready to get Mindful about YOUR Fitness?  Book NOW!  Space is limited!