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Retreat Sneak Peek: Juice Detox & Yoga retreat
Retreat Sneak Peek: Juice Detox & Yoga retreat

Looking for a place to call Hacienda for a week?  In need of a nourishing and rejuvenating vacation that will leave you feeling renewed, revitalized, and ready to roll healthy new habits into day to day life?

Look no further that at our menu of 7 to 21 day wellness retreat packages.  These all inclusive vacations cater to those looking for in-depth cleansing, detoxification, nourishment, strength, and knowledge.


Currently we are offering:

This week on the blog, we are going to look at the strength and flexibility infused retreat we call “7-Night Detox, Juice Cleansing and Yoga Retreat“.

More energy, greater grounded-ness, clearer focus, glowing skin, increased awareness, tranquility and flexibility.

Just a few of the deep reaching benefits of one of our juice cleanses here at Hacienda Del Sol.  This 7 night exclusive program is based on a natural detox method that has been tried and tested over 10 years with many incredible stories of healing and rejuvenation. Our Yoga and Detox wellness retreats have changed bodies, minds, and spirits for a decade, and people keep coming back for routine “maintenance” because they can see and feel how our system works more deeply than other programs to dislodge stagnant matter and energy that many of us hold onto for far too long.

Morning yoga followed by a super-powered green drink and group circle gathering kicks off every day.  A menu of specially formulated and scheduled juices, plus self-administered colemas, aid in rapid cleansing of the body in a tranquil jungle setting.  To further assist in the detoxification process, a team of dedicated and skilled body treatment practitioners are also available daily to further enrich the individual experience.  Constant contact with our juice cleanse facilitators, supportive kitchen staff, and the beauty of the Costa Rican climate make “sinking in deep” during daily meditation almost effortless.

If you are looking to relax, rebuild, and press the big “reset” button on your health and wellness journey, then perhaps it’s time!  Come and retreat with us, and float away feeling lighter and brighter!

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