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Restaurant Recommendations
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Restaurant Recommendations

Just a decade ago it was next to impossible to simply come across a fine dining establishment happy to cater to those interested in raw and/or vegan cuisine.  Nowadays though, it is not only easy, but there are more and more restaurants creating fabulous plant-based menus that are perfectly palate pleasing, even to the curious carnivore!

Often times here at Hacienda, shortly after our they depart, I hear from guests as they begin to navigate the transition back to real life.  As a rule, we like to follow up with retreat guests via email, supplying them with resources to help them continue along their wellness path.  Recipes, website links, and encouragement are part of this package, but one are that I constantly get asked about, and that we haven’t been covering, is eating out!  This can be the toughest part of day to day life, as no matter what your lifestyle, we all like to enjoy a dinner or two outside of our own kitchen every once and a while, and sometimes finding a place that will support our health goals can be hard.

Today on the blog, I thought it time we share some of the best (in my personal opinion) raw, vegan, and veg-friendly rests in various cities across the globe – with focus on the cities I know best (and the places I have eaten in first-hand, err, mouth) as well as some places that we get a lot of guests visiting us from.

¡buen provecho, happy eating! (and chew, chew, chew!)