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RECIPE: Moringa Detox Shots
RECIPE: Moringa Detox Shots

The way you start your morning can really lay the groundwork for how you spend the rest of the day.  Establishing healthful a.m. rituals is a great first step towards maintaining overall wellness.  Book-ending your day with some before-bed relaxation rituals is also helpful in encouraging optimal sleep and therefore radical regeneration and rejuvenation!

Not only is taking some time for yourself by way of meditation, a short yoga practice, or mindful walk around the neighbourhood a brilliant start, but firing up your body and digestive system with optimal fuel, you are even further ahead of the game!

Here at Hacienda we like to start our day with a powerfully potent green shot; one that will alkaline the body, kickstart digestion, but also detox, rebuild, and infuse the cells with a multitude of nutrients.  And no, we are not growing wheat grass here!  What we like to use are the leafy green leaves of the Moringa tree.  Not familiar?  You must check out our last post about this Miracle Tree!  We love to use this indigenous plant in salads, water infusions and more as it is a perfect (superior?) wheat grass substitution in these parts!

During our Juice Cleanse and Detox Program, it is pertinent that we ensure our cleansing guests retain healthful intestinal flora as well. Good bacteria is essential because it is a part of the body’s defense system and helps maintain optimal health.  “Friendly” bacteria must be present in the intestine to ensure proper function of the digestive system and maintain the fragile balance of good health while synthesizing valuable nutrients.  We are constantly depleting this good stuff as our body processes live toxins, medications, and antibiotics, and also when administering deep cleansing protocols like our colemas.  During our detox program, it is important to recoup any good bacteria that we lose while ridding the body of the bad, and probiotics aid in the creation and maintenance of healthy intestinal flora.

So, during our 7 Night Juice program, we also whip up a nighttime tonic that uses super Moringa, but in combination with another local favourite, young fresh coconut water.  Only in kefir form!  What is that you ask?  Well check out the recipes below, and get front-loading your day in a miraculous way, and fortifying your slumber with a flora-fantastic sipper!


Moringa Shot, 2 Ways!

Alkaline Cleanser (makes 3 shots)

  • juice of 3 lemons (about 1/2 cup)
  • 1.5 teaspoons moringa powder

Combine in blender.  Pour into 3 shot glasses and share with your friends!

Digestive Healer (makes 3 shots)

  •  1/2 cup fresh coconut water kefir (recipes follows)
  • 1.5 teaspoons moringa powder

Combine in blender.  Pour into 3 shot glasses and share with your friends!

imagesEasy Coconut Kefir (a beautifully bubbly probiotic!)

Preparation Time: 20mins to prepare and 1-2 days to ferment

1-2 quality vegan probiotic capsules
1-1/2 cups fresh coconut water

Add fresh coconut water to a glass jar, pitcher or container. Open up 1-2 probiotic capsules and add to water.

Stir to dissolve powder.

Cover jar with cheesecloth and a rubber band.

Place bottle in cupboard or in any dark spot for 24-48 hours and let it ferment.

Your kefir is ready when the water turns cloudy white. It should taste sour, and maybe sparkly, with little to no sweetness.

Looking to hit the “reset” button to YOUR health?  Join us for a 7 Night Juice Detox, and start on a new wellness path today!

And if you are looking for a yummy way to incorporate Moringa into your day to day, check out our pals at Zija!