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RECIPE: After Sport Smoothie
RECIPE: After Sport Smoothie

Keeping properly hydrated and fueled is key for optimal health and energy output for everybody, and every body.

Here at Hacienda, we have developed a menu of juices and smoothies made to target specific nutritional needs, while also ensuring top marks on the tasty scale!  One of the most functional and foodie favored concoctions we serve is our After Sport Smoothie, designed to speed recovery by replenishing energy & nutrients.

Key ingredients

  • Raw Cacao: Locally sourced from a nearby plantation, this is the real deal: fresh, rich, and unadulterated.  Ram-packed full of antioxidant goodness, cacao is native to the Americas, and comes from the fruit of IMG_3148the Theobroma cacao tree. A cocoa fruit, or pod, has a rough and leathery rind, and is filled with whitish sweet pulp and many seeds. The seeds, or beans, are what eventually become our addiction: chocolate.  The bean from which we make this favorite confectionery is highly nutritious; packed full of potassium, selenium, magnesium and B vitamins. Cacao is a top source of antioxidants that may help lower risk of heart attack and certain cancers, and also might reduce inflammation!
  • Note: cacao is often confused with cocoa. But they are vastly different. You see, cocoa is most often roasted, and cacao is most often raw, fermented and dried.
  • Coconut-OilCoconut Meat: Coconut meat is the rich and delish white lining that is contained within the shell of a coconut. It can be juicy and tender, to tough and fibrous depending on the maturity of the coconut kernel itself.  Coconut and the products derived from it like the meat, oil, and milk have long been wrongly considered as an unhealthy type of food because of the high saturated fat content all these ingredients. However, a growing body of evidence is proving that the specific type of fats present in coconut meat are in fact medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), which are rapidly transported from the intestinal tract to the liver and immediately transformed into fuel, rather than taking up negative space in our bodies or on our hips!
  • Coconut meat is also a measurable source of both vitamins A and E, as well as many polyphenols and phytosterols, which all work together to decrease LDL cholesterol, a risk factor for cardiovascular diseases.


Smoothie Time

A coconut-based combination of protein, carbs, and good fat, this creamy concoction is a great hydrating snack post-workout, and is also a super way to satisfy a sweet tooth!


  • 1 cup coconut water
  • ½ cup fresh or frozen coconut meat
  • 2 frozen bananas
  • 5 raw cacao seeds/beans (or 2.5 tablespoons raw cacao nibs)
  • ½ cup ice


  1. Place all ingredients into your Vitamix container or other high powered blender, in the order listed and secure lid.
  2. Select lowest speed.
  3. Turn machine on and slowly increase speed to highest speed.
  4. Blend for 45 seconds or until desired consistency is reached. Serve immediately.

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