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Raw Cuisine Kitchen Essentials
Raw Cuisine Kitchen Essentials
Raw Cuisine Kitchen Essentials

Raw food.  This type of cuisine sure has gained a lot of momentum in the past few years.  Endorsed by the likes of Woody Harrelson, Demi Moore, Gweneth Paltrow, this unique and bountiful way of eating has become mainstream.  With crudo (Spanish for RAW) restaurants popping up in most every major city in North America, it is not a difficult task to discover this delicious diet.

Here at Hacienda, we thrive on living food.  During our signature 7 day Juice Detox, our cleansers enjoy a wide array of raw pressed juices (Norwalk juicer love!), and also they enjoy raw meals both at the beginning of their stay, as well as a way to “break the fast” before heading home at the end.  Visitors who stay with us for our Mindful Fitness Retreats and even those just choosing to relax by the pool for a week or two also get to enjoy meals from our a la carte raw menu as well!

We also offer a great week-long Raw Food & Yoga retreat package that includes daily detoxifying yoga classes and four customized Raw Food Culinary Nutrition Workshops in our jungle cocina (kitchen).  Either way, our guests always leave inspired, and also have a plethora of questions about how to start incorporating more raw into their lives back home.  Today, we want to share a link to a short article our Raw Food Chef & Instructor Meg Pearson wrote for the website One Green Planet; a guide to creating the best raw food kitchen at home!

You can check that out HERE.

And if you are feeling inspired yourself, why not check out our newest promotion, the VIBRANT LIFE package, where you can enjoy an entire week of juicing followed by the 7 Day Raw Food & Yoga Package, with two nights ON US!