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Meg Pearson’s Take on Raw Macaroons

We’re so excited to have Meg Pearson coming here to Hacienda del Sol Wellness Center in November to lead our ongoing Raw Food Retreats! Here’s a recent blog post of hers that was posted on One Green Planet:

“I love me a good macaroon. And I love me some rich raw desserts. But as I write this post, I am finding it difficult to simply write about the recipes that follow. You see, this month marks the hugest milestone thus far when it comes to my adventures in culinary creative arts and yoga. Yes, this month marks my official transition from unfulfilled television director with loads of emotional baggage, into full-time yogi & raw food retreat facilitator carrying her life in her baggage….as I settle into my new home in Costa Rica. Say what? Yes indeed, the dream I first dreamt in March of 2010 has come into fruition, and all the work I have put in over the course of the last year and a half has brought me the opportunity of a lifetime, the universe has granted my wish. I have just accepted a position down south and this coming fall will be ditching my apartment, furniture, and life as it exists in Toronto today, to embark on a new and exciting journey in the jungle.

Thinking back to just three years ago when I was in my darkest place, hitting my proverbial rock bottom, I could never have imagined where I’d be today. It was such a place of grief, self-pity and lack, and I definitely had more than just a little bit of trouble keeping the faith. But I did, and I have, and here we are today. It is just astounding what can happen when you simply soldier on.

Today I am filled with an overwhelming feeling of abundance and grace, reeling over the absolute craziness of this life. I am going to celebrate this feeling of plenty (planty?) by making a batch of each of the following; two of my absolute fave raw vegan snacks. And when I am done, I will share them, and my gratitude, with all those whom I love.

Chocolate Macaroon’s

Adapted from Crystal Bruneau’s recipe, owner of Hacienda Del Sol, a beautiful rustic retreat center located on the remote Guanacaste Peninsula of Costa Rica. And my new soon to be workplace. Come retreat with me!

3 C of shredded coconut
1 C of raw cacao
1 t lucuma powder
1 t sea salt
1.5 T of maca root powder
3/4 C of raw agave
1/4 C of coconut oil

In large bowl mix all ingredients with a spatula. Create “igloo” shape using an ice cream scoop or rounded tablespoon. Dehydrate until desired texture is reached, anywhere from 5 to 14 hours!

White Magic Macaroons

3 C shredded coconut
¼ C coconut oil
½ C brown rice syrup
1 t lucuma powder

Mix. Shape. Dehydrate.

*Oven option: set oven on lowest heat setting, line baking sheet with parchment and spread macaroons evenly. “Bake” for an hour, with the oven door propped open (I used the thin end of my rolling pin to hold the door slightly ajar).”

Hacienda del Sol is an Eco Wellness Retreat  and Spa oasis, which focuses on detoxification and rejuvenation. Our ongoing 7 -28 Day juice cleanses, detox, fitness, yoga and spa retreats aim to renew you from the inside out.