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Meet the Expert: Chef Meg
Meet the Expert: Chef Meg

Meg is an international raw chef & intuitive food educator, hailing from Toronto and residing in Costa Rica.  She is also a certified yoga teacher, cookbook author, and retired television producer and director, who came to her career in wellness after a storied past life of alcohol abuse, anorexia, and bulimia.

While most of her culinary chops stem from experiments in her own kitchen, Meghan has certified with Alissa Cohen’s Raw Teacher program and has also done trainings with Matthew Kenney in California, Natalia Rose in New York City, and is a certified Professional Plant-Based chef with Rouxbe Culinary School.  Meg is resident Raw Food Chef and Culinary Educator at Hacienda del Sol, and runs monthly Raw Culinary Class Retreats while also overseeing the kitchen and restaurant during large group bookings, developing new recipe and special menu items, and coaching guests and locals on the benefits of living foods.  She also guest chefs at various other restaurant and health retreat centres throughout Central America.

Meghan owns and operates her health and culinary company, MAP Wellness with a goal to simply “spread the health”, assisting her clients in discovering their personal path on their wellness journey, in realistic, fun and truly accessible ways.

Meg has appeared on major TV networks in North America to spread the raw food wealth of health, and also contributes recipes and wellness articles to various print and online publications such as Huffington Post, Inspire Health Magazine, One Green Planet & Village Living Magazine, and is an active ambassador for Ascenta Health’s NutraVege.
Meg’s #1 Healthy Living Tip: Eat the rainbow, and love yourself (ok, that’s two!).

Meg says that we everybody, and every BODY can stand to each more fruits and vegetables. And incorporating more raw into your life can help you do just that!

Love your body for all it does for you , day in and day out. Feed your vessel, your soul & your heart with the healthiest foods you can, and your body will show you thanks with vitality & strength!

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