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Meet the Expert: Angie
Meet the Expert: Angie


Originally from Western Canada, Angie has been a member of the Hacienda de Sol family for many years.  She currently shares her expertise and experience as yoga teacher, practitioner, and wellness facilitator.

After attending her very first yoga class at Hacienda del Sol back in 2003, and this launched her love of the practice and led her to her first 200 hour yoga teacher training here as well.  While living in Vancouver Canada in 2008, Angie attended a Kundalini Yoga class with Gloria Latham and she found her true path.   She completed a second 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Semperviva Yoga in Vancouver and started teaching a few months later.  Kundalini has been, and continues to be a magical journey for Angie, with no “end goal”; it is all about the journey – just like in life.

Angie has travelled the world extensively, and training under incredible yoga teachers such as Gloria Latham, Gurmukh, Seane Corn, Max Strom, Anodea Judith,  and Mark Whitwell.  She is passionate about living a life that is balanced, authentic, healthy, harmonious and full of LOVE, laughter and JOY! With this as her foundation for life, she brings it to all that she does. From teaching yoga, sharing Jikiden Reiki and Ayurvedic massages, facilitating Kundalini Retreats, Mindful Fitness retreats, to cooking soul nourishing meals for friends and family, swimming in the ocean to relaxing in her hammock.

Our soul purpose is to ENJOY the magical journey called life …… every day, go do something that you ENJOY … and see what happens.” – Angie

Angie’s #1 Healthy Living Tip: Go outside EVERY DAY and enjoy the magic of mother earth.

Walk, bike ride, swim, sit, put your feet in the grass, garden, breathe… Even if only for a few minutes, this is an amazing tool to plug in, ground and connect.

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