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Meditation: Healthy for your Heart and Soul
Meditation: Healthy for your Heart and Soul

Meditation_inpost“Our bodies are our greatest teachers …. We have to take the time to slow down , and have the COURAGE to hear what is going on within us – physically, energetically and emotionally…. BREATHE into it, and TRUST!” – Angela Howell, Yoga teacher, Hacienda del Sol

Meditation. The word can make some people nervous, as there are still a lot of questions surrounding this ancient practice. Meditation, and its perfect pairing of yoga, both produce a deep state of relaxation and a tranquil mind; of the upmost importance in our typically fast-paced lives! While many of us still associate mediation with the image of a yogi seated silently, cross legged with eyes closed, anything can be considered a meditative experience so long as it is done with presence. Yoga, a physical activity that involves moving one’s body through a series of postures designed specifically to bring space and ease to places of tension and stress, is a moving mediation with the purpose of uniting, or “yoking” body with mind.

Here at Hacienda del Sol, we witness on a daily basis the benefits of these practices and encourage greatly the incorporation of both into one’s life. We feel them so important in fact, that we offer yoga and meditation sessions as part of our daily activity schedule included in our Core Wellness Program. We have a team of professional and inspired yoga teachers on our team, who lead early morning and late afternoon classes appealing to all levels, where we invite our guests to leave their thoughts behind, and journey into the body with awareness and compassion. A few days a week we also offer group hikes to the beach as a way to introduce the idea of moving mediation in yet another way.

So what exactly is meditation? In short, it is the simple practice of becoming aware of the present moment and letting go of distracting thoughts. It is holding time and space for yourself to just breath, and just be. Cultivating a sense of connectivity to not only your true self, but also to the world around you, whether through acute awareness of your surroundings, or by tapping into the direct line of energy that hooks you into the universe and all of its greatness, is the essence of this ancient practice. Sound intriguing, albeit tough? Well the great news is, there are many different techniques you can try, that range from moving meditations previously mentioned like simply walking in nature or doing yoga, to guided meditation, mantra, mindfulness, Qi gong, or Tai chi. The relationship we have with our body is the most intimate one we have, so why not show yourself the love you deserve, and honor your heart with some one-on-one time today!

Let’s get started!

First, get comfortable. Find a comfortable seated position either in a chair or cross-legged on the floor, making sure that your body is fully supported. Keep your posture strong, but your body relaxed. Notice your heart beating in your chest. Close your eyes.

Try the 100 breaths technique. Take 100 breaths in and out. Count them, and try not to think about anything else.

Or, set a timer. For your first time, perhaps just set a clock for 5 minutes. Sit and breath, perhaps imagining something steady like the flicker of a candle’s flame to focus on. Or maybe just notice how your belly expands as you inhale, and the way the warm air feels as it passes across your upper lip as you exhale. Do this until the timer goes off, and then notice how you feel. Maybe next time set the clock for a little longer, eventually working up to sitting for 20 to 30 minutes at a time.

“If you find your mind wandering….JUST not judge or criticize…JUST NOTICE. With curiosity and compassion…” – Angela

Come immerse yourself in an environment that supports “unplugging” from crazy living, and “reconnecting” with yourself. Come and retreat with us and enjoy the full range of wellness activities we have to offer!