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Hot, Happy, & Healthy Holidays!
Hot, Happy, & Healthy Holidays!

Exhausted by the party circuit, guilt about overindulgence and overall over-extension we put on ourselves, simply because it ‘Tis The Season?

Raw Food Costa RicaWhy not choose another route? Why not choose you?  December and January are our busiest times here at Hacienda, and for good reason.  For many years now, health-conscious folk have been flocking here from all over the globe, in effort to escape the often colder climes that come with the holidays, and also to offer themselves the most precious gift they can give themselves: a wealth of health!

This time of year, the weather is near perfect; sunny all day, not a drop of rain, and cooler evenings for leisurely dinners and superb slumber.

Our entire roster of wellness enhancements and retreat programs are in full swing, and the our team of experts is here to help you have the most balanced, beneficial, and beautifully blissful stay in our tropical oasis.

Here at Hacienda del Sol, we encourage outside of the box thinking, and believe it high time more folk to figure out that the holidays do not have to mean stress, worry, snow, or weight gain!

green juice The holidays are actually the best time to embrace good living, and a stay at Hacienda can offer insight into how to best incorporate daily rituals and self-care strategies to better our relationships with our bodies, and makes a perfect transitional step into the new year!  Inspired individuals are successful individuals after all, and it is our most sincere hope that we can be an integral part in each and every clients’ wellness journey!

Every day is an opportunity for change, and if it is possible to move through one of the most tempting and trying times of year with super saludable (healthy, in Spanish) success, imagine what the next 365 days can hold?  The sky truly is the limit!  Let us lead you!  Join us this holiday, and live the life of your dreams.