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Healthy Living in San Juanillo
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Healthy Living in San Juanillo

It is our intention at Hacienda del Sol to be responsible local business owners and help our community in whatever way we can.  As such, not only are we including our staff in the process of learning about edible gardens so that they too can experience the benefits of producing one’s own food, we have also started to hold classes for our local community on health issues such as preventing and managing diabetes through nutrition in order to provide them with the knowledge that they may not otherwise have.Hacienda del Sol is located in one of the most beautiful and pristine areas of Costa Rica but it is also very remote and rural with limited access to medical services for the local people in town.  Therefore we feel it is a part of our responsibility to help educate them in the best way possible to live a healthy life.  While the regular diet of Costa Ricans is one of rice and beans, we want them to have the knowledge of what adding more fruits and vegetables into one’s diet can do to prevent diseases and other health conditions.

Hacienda del Sol is an Eco Wellness Retreat  and Spa oasis, which focuses on detoxification and rejuvenation. Our ongoing 7 -28 Day juice cleanses, detox, fitness, yoga and spa retreats aim to renew you from the inside out.