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Earlier on in the blog, we listed a few of our favourite sources for health related information.  This list included various movies, books, and articles pertinent to cleansing, smart eating, and clean living.

As the wellness world is a rapidly evolving one, it only makes sense to continue to update our arsenal of info, to ensure that we are offering the widest range of inspiration to our guests and clients.  After all, everybody and every body has a story, and each unique individual is inspirited in different ways.

At that same token, one can watch countless documentaries and read endless amounts of news articles, yet may still not realize the importance of making conscious decisions regarding their health.  All it can take, however, is one little “nugget”; the story of someone like them that has overcome a massive health hurdle, or one little nutrition fact, to finally “flip the proverbial switch”.  And so here today we have chosen to list a few more of HDS’s approved faves.  Please do check them out and perhaps be roused to regain YOUR health in ways you may never have considered before!

Movies & Books
Recommended by Hacienda del Sol 


Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead 2 – Joe travels around the world and meets with experts who present viable strategies to make and maintain long-term improvements to eating behaviors and overall health.

Fed Up – See the film the food industry doesn’t want you to see. From Katie Couric, Laurie David (the Oscar-winning producer of AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH), FED UP will change the way you eat forever.

Lunch Hour – This eye-opening doc examines America’s National School Lunch Program, which exposes children, at a young age, to unhealthy, but culturally accepted foods. Featuring interviews with school officials, politicians, doctors, celebrity chefs, and more, including Rachael Ray, Robin Quivers, Marion Nestle, and Alex Jamieson, “Lunch Hour” seeks to find the root of the nation’s childhood obesity crisis.

Overfed & Undernourished – Overfed & Undernourished examines a global epidemic and our modern lifestyles through one boy’s inspiring and personal journey to regain his health from the inside out. After heartache, Liam Gollé weighing in at over 176lbs turns to his Aunty & Uncle for help, and embarks on a journey that promises to transform his life forever.

Vegucated – Vegucated is a guerrilla-style documentary that follows three meat- and cheese-loving New Yorkers who agree to adopt a vegan diet for six weeks and learn what it’s all about.

Yogawoman – a was brought to the west from India by male teachers. Now a generation of women are leading the way and they’re radically changing people’s lives. Yogawoman uncovers a global phenomenon that has changed the face of yoga forever.


Crystal Living Foods, by Crystal Gallardo – Crystal Living foods is a culinary arts book which introduces gourmet raw and vegan dishes. It focuses on learning to use the freshest ingredients, allowing gourmet meals to be easy, and learning how to make delicious healthy substitutes for your favorite treats.

MAP Wellness Morsels, by Meg Pearson – We all lead crazy lives, and getting dinner on the table is one of the daily stresses we all share. But eating well and living with ease do not have to be mutually exclusive! Meg is convinced (and will convince you too!) than eating raw, at least some of the time, can be delicious, cheap, easy, slick, and quick!

The Raw Food Detox Diet, by Natalia Rose – Natalia Rose’s proven program will set you on a course toward greater energy, a slimmer figure, a radiant complexion, and amazing natural health—whether you aim to lead an all-raw lifestyle or simply want to lose weight while still eating the foods you love.

Raw Food Life Force Energy, by Natalia Rose – According to top nutritionist Natalia Rose, the secret to a beautiful lean body, youthful radiant skin, abundant energy, and a state of natural bliss is Life Force Energy.

UnDiet, by Meghan Telpner – A fabulous, practical, and modern guide to true health from a fresh and engaging certified nutritionist with an inspiring and transformational message.


Zija’s Moringa – Native to the Himalayan Mountains, Moringa oleifera is nature’s “miracle tree”. It’s packed with 90+ verifiable, cell-ready vitamins, minerals, vital proteins, antioxidants, omega oils, and other benefits.  We grow our own fresh on site at Hacienda, but this is the brand we recommend to our guests that can be shipped anywhere!

Nourished Body, Inspired Soul All Natural Deodorant – This moisturizing, all natural deodorant cream is made up of five simple ingredients. It is free of harmful chemicals and aluminum so you won’t clog your pores and you will sweat naturally.  Made by our own Holistic Nutritionist Nicole Benson!

Paderno Vegetable Spiralizer – Make quick work of spiral vegetable slicing!  Includes 3 sets of blades: 1/8-inch spacing, 1/4-inch spacing, and straight blade for ribbon cut.

Vitamix – Super high-powered food blender.