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Guest Post: Invest in YOU
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Guest Post: Invest in YOU

By Kisha S. Proctor, The Confidence Coach

A quote I saw once stated “If you don’t build your own dreams, someone else will hire you to help build theirs.”

The question of the day… how often do you invest in yourself?

It amazes me how many people I encounter that are not living out their dreams and how at one point in my life this was also me. In a world where we work, work, work, your dreams and self-care can end up on the back burner to your daily life. But the truth is, when we live this way and are not fulfilling our dreams or giving self-love, we truly are not living… we are just existing.

I’ve coached many and when we approach this question, many have shared they have struggled with taking time out for themselves because of life responsibilities such as careers, family, their spouse and friends.  All of which we at times put BEFORE ourselves. Trust me, I have been in this same place but I will also transparently share that once I made the decision to quiet the hamster wheel of life and actually LIVE… it was the best decision I’ve made thus far. I now travel the world, feel better than ever, live on my own terms and experience overflowing happiness.

How do you get there you ask? Well here are 5 tips to Invest In You and start living out your dreams. 

1. Know your purpose! When you know your purpose it becomes easier to create a plan and to execute it. You also recognize that in order to fulfill your purpose, you must give your best-self. The best way to do this is INVESTING IN YOU by fueling your body with the right food, daily activity and building mental strength. You can ask yourself thought provoking questions to find out what you LOVE to do no matter if you are being paid or not… this will bring you closer to your purpose.

2. Do it in bite-size chunks. You will feel you are moving closer and closer to your purpose EACH DAY, even if you do just a little something toward becoming who you are destined to be. This is how you INVEST in you! Examples can include taking more time to study the craft you want to perfect, or giving yourself five minutes to do daily affirmations and meditation which will clear your mind and help you gain more focus.

3. Reflect on the small steps. When you reflect on the small steps you are taking toward your goals, this will empower you to continue moving forward.

4. Kick fear in the face! Don’t be afraid to take the quantum leap! It will be a life changer and you may see some struggles along the way but the end result is happiness greater than you can currently imagine.

5. Reward yourself! When you take the quantum leap or even the baby steps each day and then reflect on what you’ve accomplished… reward yourself for being bold enough to go in the direction of your dreams.

If you like these tips but feel you need more coaching to accomplish, reach out to me Your Confidence Coach for a FREE 30 minute consultation and we will conquer this together!

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