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Farm to Table at Hacienda del Sol: Our Edible Garden
farm to table
Farm to Table at Hacienda del Sol: Our Edible Garden

An important part of our commitment to our guests is providing them with the freshest and healthiest food available.  We are also mindful of the environmental costs associated with importing fruits and vegetables from San Jose (a 4-5 hour drive).  And with this in mind, we have now started production on our very own edible garden.  No chemicals will be used in the garden and therefore our food production will be 100% organic and natural.

We have hired a local farmer to help us get started with the project and teach us the basics of farming in an organic manner.  She will also provide us with tips on growing seasons as well as educating us on what grows best and where.

To begin, we have planted cucumber, red peppers, tomatoes, corn, green leafy vegetables, fruit trees and cacao trees.  Already on our property, we are blessed to have fully grown pineapple plants as well as mango, papaya and star fruit trees.  While we don’t use corn in our meals at Hacienda, this is a project that we are working on with one of our team members to let him grow it for his family and neighbors.

Hacienda del Sol is an Eco Wellness Retreat  and Spa oasis, which focuses on detoxification and rejuvenation. Our ongoing 7 -28 Day juice cleanses, detox, fitness, yoga and spa retreats aim to renew you from the inside out.