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Easy Raw Food Recipes

Crystal Living Foods raw food recipe bookSo often, people return from one of our juice cleanse or raw food retreats at Hacienda del Sol and are inspired to live more healthy and to bring what they’ve learned into their daily life.

Crystal Bruneau, owner of Hacienda del Sol’s Wellness Center, has created a delicious and easy raw food recipe book, offering us insight and ease into the world of making raw food meals.  Whether you’re looking for a complete meal from appetizers, entrees and desserts or just want to try out one of the delicious items you had at our Center, you will find what you are looking for in the Crystal Living Foods recipe book.

Available in an easy to download PDF format, you will be preparing raw food meals in no time at all!  Once you’ve made one, we’d love it if you shared a photo and your feedback on our Facebook page!

You can purchase the book for download here.

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