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Celebrate your life

It’s a beautiful day here in San Juanillo, Costa Rica. I’m relaxing, reading, swimming in the pool and hanging out with my three dogs.

We’re two weeks into our opening season at Hacienda del Sol and as some of you may know we just finished massively renovating both our bungalows and our colema stations (which we are now calling our detox clinic). By renovations…I’m talking gutting almost everything, retiling the bathrooms, putting in all new bathroom fixture, pulling back walls, re-screening every bungalow, and really stripping down everything. The same went for the colemas. For them, we hired a great architect who’s name is Idam, we planned for close to a year, and them completely re modeled the entire building to the point it’s now hardly recognizable. This was actually the second phase of our remodeling of Hacienda del Sol. The previous year we had put in a brand new salt-water pool, a spa and 3 new bathrooms to our top bungalows. Needless to say, over these past few years we’ve spent a lot of energy and put a lot of love into making everything at Hacienda del Sol much more beautiful.

So now I want you to imagine that you’ve just finished this amazingly large project, put a lot of money, time, energy and care into it and now your finished… so now what. Even though the place is not completely done, and we are still waiting on new furniture, finishing the spa and working on landscaping we know we need to find some way of celebrating how far we have come.

There are lots of ways to celebrate but usually folks celebrate with other folks. So throwing a party is the first thing that came to mind. A party would be great but given how exhausted Ramiro and I both are after these past few months of renovations, and given that I am currently 38 weeks pregnant, we really don’t feel like celebrating with a lot of other people and having a party. I envisioned something quiet and intimate and something just for us. This might sound selfish given that many people worked hard to make everything come together for Hacienda del Sol. But for now this is what we needed to do and the bigger celebration with everyone would have to wait till later given our circumstances.
celebrate-your-life-blog1Although we wouldn’t be throwing a big party, we still wanted to make it special so we decided to treat ourselves to beautiful dinner at one of our favourite restaurants. We toasted to all the things we had accomplished and created over the past two years. The evening was lovely and sentimental. Even though it was quiet it accomplished what we needed, and that was to take the time to acknowledge and celebrate our accomplishments.

I believe that when you set a goal, no matter how small or big it is, it’s really important to celebrate it, even if you celebrate it in a very small way.

This is something I’ve neglected doing in my life and without acknowledging and celebrating what I have accomplished it has left me feeling like I’ve never accomplished anything. I think until you truly acknowledge the goals you’ve reached you don’t truly reap the benefits of achieving those goals. I think if you don’t celebrate what you’ve achieved you won’t ever feel the richness and fulfillment of accomplishing.

So celebrating what you have accomplished is important and one big part of feeling the richness of life, but what about also celebrating life everyday just because your alive. I know this sounds cliché but very few people are actually celebrating life on a regular daily basis.


So what are some of the things you could do to celebrate life everyday? Here are a few suggestions to squeeze more out of life. These particular examples might not float your boat, make you feel good, juicy, or make you feel like your celebrating, but find some things that do and do them!

  1. Listen to music: get a theme song for your life that makes you smiles and dance around your house and be silly. Nothing will make you happier then being silly.
  2. Surround yourself with positive people: You are who you surround yourself by.
  3. Create more laughter in your life: Do you remember having a great time when you were a kid? It was most likely because you were laughing all the time. Find things to do that make you laugh!
  4. Create beauty in your home: Putting flowers in your home will bring a life force and create a really nice feeling.
  5. Spoil yourself: whatever that means to you. Maybe it’s to buy your very favorite coffee just because it’s special or maybe it means treating yourself to a massage or a pedicure.
  6. Have gratitude be a daily practice: send out cards to people you love for no specific reason, tell one person why you appreciate them.
  7. Unplug and celebrate alone time: take a break from emails and answering the phone. Indulge in time for yourself.
  8. Watch the sunset: make that moment each day special. Find a favorite place to watch it and take a moment to watch the day end.
  9. Dance to live music: have a live band come to your home and invite friends over. If you can’t afford it, make a trade. Figure out a way to barter.
  10. Exercise: Get outside and feel alive; connect with nature, and breath.
  11. Have a picnic: take one your favorite person with you and go to your favorite spot with your favorite food.
  12. Have a potluck: it doesn’t take a lot of work or money and you get to hang out with people you love.
  13. Use your super power: Figure out what you’re really good at and do it. You might be a good listener, a good hugger, or good at giving advice. Whatever it is, it will feel good to do it.

Treat everyday like it’s your last and you’ll feel like your celebrating life. You really deserve to squeeze more out of life so I challenge you to celebrate life more. If your celebrating your life in ways that I haven’t mentioned please share with us and leave comments below. You can also find us on facebook and share with us there how your celebrating and acknowledging your accomplishments!!