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Alyson – Before & After

We welcome hundreds of clients through the gates of Hacienda each year in search of renewal.  Our guests come for many reasons, and we are always excited by the positive shifts we see in every individual’s appearance and perspective after a weeklong stay. Whether they are here simply looking to kickstart healthier habits, or to heal personal long held health issues or emotional concerns, our guests often jump into our health programs with both feet, and then float away on a wellness wave come departure time. Taking part in our 7 Night Juice Cleanse & Detox really is like hitting a massive “reset” button for your body and life.  Time and time again we see our cleansers grow from a place of tightness, stress, and dis-ease, into a more spacious, soft, and glowing picture of health.  Here on the blog, we are going to begin sharing the transitional tales of a few of our guests and to celebrate the diverse and beautiful successes of our clients.  After all,  “Every Body Has a Story“. Allow us to introduce you to Alyson, a returning guest to Hacienda, as she shares her experience:    

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Awakening Your Root Chakra

Kundilini yoga can be life-changing. Its power is believed to come from a reserve of immensely strong, untapped potential within each of us. It is normally depicted as a coiled or sleeping serpent, located in an area at the base of the spine. By safely and gradually stirring this serpent, we can work to clear blockages in our Chakras (energy centres), and begin to feel more balanced and at ease, and exist with more awareness and clarity.

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