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Guest Post: Invest in YOU

By Kisha S. Proctor, The Confidence Coach A quote I saw once stated “If you don’t build your own dreams, someone else will hire you to help build theirs.” The question of the day… how often do you invest in yourself? It amazes me how many people I encounter that are not living out their dreams and how at one point in my life this was also me. In a world where we work, work, work, your dreams and self-care can end up on the back burner to your daily life. But the truth is, when we live this way and are not fulfilling our dreams or giving self-love, we truly are not living… we are just existing. I’ve coached many and when we approach this question, many have shared they have struggled with taking time out for themselves because of life responsibilities such as careers, family, their spouse and friends.  All of which we at times put BEFORE ourselves. Trust me, I have been in this same place but I will also transparently share that once I made the decision to quiet the hamster wheel of life and actually LIVE… it was the best decision I’ve made thus far. I now […]

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Your Group at Hacienda del Sol!

Attention: Yoga Teachers, Life Coaches, Human Resource Managers, Artists, Nutritionists and Chefs!   Heck, everybody needs to read this! Did you know that we rent out our space to groups?  It’s true! We have had many more types of large happy troops stay with us over the years (and are scheduled for many more!).  Not only do our accommodations and resort amenity list fulfill all common group retreat requirements, but we can also customize packages and onsite conveniences to suit most types of retreats. But we also offer so much more! Unlike many other yoga retreat centers, we have an extra long list of on-site bonuses to further enhance the Costa Rican retreat experience: Customized Menus & Organic Garden Fare Our open air, jungle view, conscious culinary restaurant truly is the heart of Hacienda.  We strive to nourish all of our visitors in the best way possible, sourcing locally and utilizing as much as we can from our organic, on-grounds garden.  When you bring a large group, the kitchen is yours, and our chef will work with you on any menu restrictions or add-ons you desire*.  Exclusive bookings in the past have included fish nights, wine with dinner, and special desserts. […]

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Raw-sagna Recipe

This recipe comes from Hacienda’s resident raw food fanatic, Meg Pearson’s library of living food loves.  It may seem like a lengthy list of steps, but believe us, it’s worth it in the end!  And if you are perhaps curious about learning more in depth with Meg (and a team of other great chefs & leaders) here in Costa Rica, check out the upcoming Conscious Chef Culinary Course, slated to launch in April 2015!  Intrigued?  Email us to get on the list and be first to know official details!

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New Season, New Menu!

Our open-air dining room is the buzzing heart of Hacienda del Sol. An authentic Costa Rican style thatch-roof meal venue features a nutritious, creative, and delicious a la carte menu designed to support your well being fully. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, our gracious, warm, and local Costa Rican staff will make you feel right at home.New for the 2014-2015 season, we are pleased to announce a few changes to our menu that we think will better support our guests as they move through their healing stay with us.

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Customized Retreats

Tired of all those pre-packaged, one-size-fits-all wellness vacations out there? Ready to invest in your health and vitality, but wish to ensure it is the ideal combination of rest, revitalization, and real healing that you desire and deserve?

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