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Top 5 Tips to Re-Calibrate Post-Holidays

We all want a vibrant and happy new year, right?  Let us help you jump off on the right foot this 2016! Back in November, we introduced our Hacienda del Sol Expert Panel.  With over 20 years of wellness experience under our belts, our team here possesses an incredible amount of knowledge and expertise.  With our new Expert Panel Q&A program, it is our hope to spread the wellness message and hopefully help some of our past clients, readers, and future retreat guests alike!  Today, we are addressing the query posted to us from Jessica, a guest who took part in our 7 Night Juice Cleanse in early 2015.  Jessica writes: “I allowed myself to truly enjoy all the goodness that comes along with the holidays, and now I am ready to get back on track!  What are the top tips from the team at Hacienda for re-setting my health after the festive season?” – Jessica Thanks for writing Jessica!  We went to our team to get the goods, and since we are celebrating the New Year and all things health and wellness for 2016, we thought we’d get lots of ideas from a handful of the experts.  While we planned […]

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