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Nature’s Neighbors

The Costa Rican jungle.  It truly is a magical place!  A space that is filled with lush plantation, vibrating energy…and lots of wildlife. Costa Rica is one of, if not the, most bio-diverse environments in all the world and the minute you arrive at Hacienda you will quickly understand how we are all just a small part of this complex community created my Mama Earth.  Often times, guests arrive here unarmed with this knowledge, and it can be a bit of a shock to learn that while here, we all do share the land with the creatures that were here before us.  From the Olive Ridley Sea Turtle, to the wide array of birds and parrots inhabiting the canopy above, we do make it our aim to educate our visitors about the who’s and the what’s they may encounter while here.  Today we thought we might share a short list of some of some of the most common critters that may cross your path while here; so may we present: The Hacienda  Nature of Things! Howler Monkeys Ok, this one we have to get to straight off the bat.  Named for their throaty howls that can be heard for up to […]

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Costa Rica Green Season Thrills!

Traditionally referred to as ‘green season”, Costa Rica’s winter, or rainy time of year is often considered the low period as far as business and tourism is concerned, but that is not to say it is not one of the best times to visit!  Yes, there are typically fewer travelers through the country at this time, but that means all the more awesome for you!  If you are a surfer, you can enjoy quiet beaches with killer waves, and next to zero lineup past the break.  Green season means more showers throughout the day, but early mornings (prime tide time) are still warm and clear.  Later on, you can cool off with the afternoon rains, and look forward to potentially perfectly clear skies by sunset. Got a serious sense of adventure?  Look no further than our nearby jungle hikes and discover plentiful rolling rivers and wondrous waterfalls, really only worth the walk this time of year!  White water rafting is also at its peak when the rivers swell and wave with panache!  Not to mention, the surrounding rainforest becomes a little more mystical as well! Are you an avid reader?  Nothing invites digging into a good book like the calming patter of tropical […]

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TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence!

We here at Hacienda do what we do for many reasons, always keeping the health and vitality of our guests top of mind.  Our vision to become the number one destination in Costa Rica for those seeking a tranquil environment conducive to personal growth and achieving wellness goals, drives us every day to be better than the day before.

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Celebrate 20 Years With 20% Off!

It’s tough to admit, and just as hard to say out loud, but August is here, and this means we are rounding into the final stretch of the summer!  While we don’t wish to cut anyone’s days of sweet heat and soothing sunshine short, we do think it prime time that we all start thinking about and planning for our mid-season reprieve from old man winter!

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Spanish Lessons!

Have an upcoming retreat with us at Hacienda Del Sol?  Looking to add a little extra local culture to your trip?  Why not learn some of the local language while you’re here!  Hacienda is now offering an abundance of retreat “enhancements“, including private Spanish classes. Learn one-on-one conversational and travel-friendly Spanish with a local Tico teacher, and leave with the confidence to travel here again with language basics! $45/hour (buy a pack of three when you book online!) Contact us for details!

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