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Can A Juice Cleanse Help Candida?

 Juice Cleanse Help Candida? Candida is a fungus, which is a form of yeast, and a small amount of it lives in your mouth and intestines.  Its job is to help out with digestion and nutrient absorption. When an overgrowth occurs, candida breaks down the wall of the intestine and penetrates the bloodstream, releasing toxic byproducts into your body that can cause leaky gut.  Symptoms range from digestive issues, bloating, gas, foggy brain, low energy and depression. Leaky gut syndrome allows undigested food particles and other toxins to enter the bloodstream setting off an immune response that causes allergies, inflammation, and autoimmune diseases. So how can a juice cleanse help candida? The focus of Hacienda Del Sol’s juice cleanse is to infuse your body with dense nutrition, alkalize, and flush out the toxins, enabling your body to restore to balance. Candida is a Symptom of Impaired Digestion and Elimination! Rather than chasing symptoms the focus is on healing the root cause, which is a disruption in the intestinal flora. Considering that over 70% of the immune system resides in the gut, maintaining a healthy balance between the good and bad bacteria is essential for a strong immune system. Main stream […]

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Why a Juice cleanse retreat?

Juice cleanse retreat   If you have been considering a juice cleanse, why not consider a juice cleanse retreat at Hacienda Del Sol? We offer a world renowned detox program made up of freshly pressed juice as well as over 15 years of experience and development using natural detox methods. Hacienda Del Sol’s juice cleanse retreat is based on a detox program that assures you a complete cleanse and is done with ultimate health in mind. Our program is based on mainly a juice diet with extra nutritional support using the highest quality supplements and vegetable broths. We use a Norwalk Hydraulic Press juicer which extracts all the vitamins and minerals our fresh produce can provide. This also ensures that each glass you drink will have the best taste possible. In addition to the juices, as mentioned before, you will be supplemented with superfood shakes, vegetable broths and herbal cleansers. Our retreat offers our clients the flexibility of choosing between a 7 and 14 day retreat program. Each package is inclusive. Depending upon which package you choose, you will be given either a 7 or 14 night accommodation at the Hacienda Del Sol, 6 or 12 days of juice cleansing […]

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RECIPE: Moringa Detox Shots

The way you start your morning can really lay the groundwork for how you spend the rest of the day.  Establishing healthful a.m. rituals is a great first step towards maintaining overall wellness.  Book-ending your day with some before-bed relaxation rituals is also helpful in encouraging optimal sleep and therefore radical regeneration and rejuvenation! Not only is taking some time for yourself by way of meditation, a short yoga practice, or mindful walk around the neighbourhood a brilliant start, but firing up your body and digestive system with optimal fuel, you are even further ahead of the game! Here at Hacienda we like to start our day with a powerfully potent green shot; one that will alkaline the body, kickstart digestion, but also detox, rebuild, and infuse the cells with a multitude of nutrients.  And no, we are not growing wheat grass here!  What we like to use are the leafy green leaves of the Moringa tree.  Not familiar?  You must check out our last post about this Miracle Tree!  We love to use this indigenous plant in salads, water infusions and more as it is a perfect (superior?) wheat grass substitution in these parts! During our Juice Cleanse and Detox […]

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Alyson – Before & After

We welcome hundreds of clients through the gates of Hacienda each year in search of renewal.  Our guests come for many reasons, and we are always excited by the positive shifts we see in every individual’s appearance and perspective after a weeklong stay. Whether they are here simply looking to kickstart healthier habits, or to heal personal long held health issues or emotional concerns, our guests often jump into our health programs with both feet, and then float away on a wellness wave come departure time. Taking part in our 7 Night Juice Cleanse & Detox really is like hitting a massive “reset” button for your body and life.  Time and time again we see our cleansers grow from a place of tightness, stress, and dis-ease, into a more spacious, soft, and glowing picture of health.  Here on the blog, we are going to begin sharing the transitional tales of a few of our guests and to celebrate the diverse and beautiful successes of our clients.  After all,  “Every Body Has a Story“. Allow us to introduce you to Alyson, a returning guest to Hacienda, as she shares her experience:    

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Food Combining to Detox

What is detox?  Detoxing, or cleansing, is the process of neutralizing and eliminating environmental and dietary toxins from the body while also encouraging the liver to further deep clean the blood and the body.  This process can help clear the body of long held sludge that can hinder optimal functioning, while also kickstarting positive change and rejuvenation of many essential systems.  Detoxes that utilize food and juice typically call for the elimination of things like meat, dairy, coffee and alcohol while infusing the body with an abundance of nutritious food and drink.  A detox can help the body’s natural cleansing process in five main ways: Giving the digestive organs a rest thereby allowing them to rebuild Stimulating the liver to eliminate toxins Encouraging proper elimination through the intestines, kidneys and skin Improving the circulation of the blood Re-fueling & revitalizing the body with healthy nutrients Detoxing & Digestion Digesting food requires more energy than any other function in the human body.  Think about it; why do many of us need a 10am coffee perk-up, and suffer from the mid-afternoon slump?  Eating big meals can tucker us out!  We’ve long been told to eat huge helpings early in the day, and to include things […]

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