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Do you know what the blue zones are?

Do you know what the blue zones are? Blue zones are the areas with the highest density of people who live to be over 100. To give you an idea of how many that is: in most places 1 out of 10,000 is a centenarian. In the blue zones it’s 1 out of 250! Is it in the air, the food, the nature, the people, the way of life? The answer is it’s a little bit of everything shaken and stirred into a vibrant cocktail that infuses with life the cells of those lucky enough to live in it. There only 4 in the world and Costa Rica has the largest one. The Hacienda del Sol family is lucky enough to live in it and get to share it with the world. We honor this everyday with every nutrient dense meal we serve, centering yoga class we guide, lush trail we hike, fiery sunset we soak in. Dip into the blue zone with us and take a gulp from one of the most vitality imbued elixirs in our beautiful blue planet.

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