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Balancing the Body, Steadying the Scale
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Balancing the Body, Steadying the Scale


The human body is a wonderfully precise machine that constantly seeks a state of equilibrium or homeostasis. In fact, the body’s need for balance is so great that rather than falling apart, it will bend itself backwards, and even accommodate abuse in order to survive. The greatest threat to this state of equilibrium is toxic input via disastrous dietary choices, an erratic lifestyle, chronic stress, constant stimulation of the senses and emotional trauma. And these are just a few of the things that we subject our bodies to daily and still expect to stay in good health. Contrary to popular beliefs, crash or fad diets, pill popping, calorie counting, and rigorous aerobic exercise are not required to keep body weight in check and systems ticking along like clockwork.An overweight or obese body is a body in distress. But the human body is resilient, and it is possible to reverse the processes that led to this state and re-balance the body’s biochemistry to achieve its normal, comfortable, and optimal weight.

Sometimes, all it takes the smallest things:
…mindful eating as opposed to gulping down your food
…facing and dealing with past traumas and other emotional toxins, that are stored in your body’s cells
…getting a good night’s sleep
…making physically active choices
….cleansing out accumulated toxins
….looking in the mirror and saying “I love you”. Repeat daily.An individual who carries excess body weight, is often suffering from internal pollution, or congestion of their internal organs. This toxicity crisis can be caused by the body carrying around years and years of poisonous debris.When the liver, stomach, intestines, bowels and lymphatic systems accumulate toxins, they are poisoned and this can lead to hardening, distortion, and less than stellar performance. These organs and systems can lose their natural shape and function in a futile attempt to adjust to this new but unhealthy internal environment. This is the beginning of obesity, gastrointestinal problems and a number of other diseases like cancer.

Cleansing your body
The human body needs to cleared of toxins before it can restore itself to its natural state of health. Cleansing, or detoxing, can aid in this process while also ensuring weight loss can take place smoothly and without adverse side effects.

A good cleanse should include:
…fiber, to help flush the digestive tract
…nutrition in the form of juices so the digestive system can have a good rest
…juices formulated to cleanse and help restore a balanced ph level
…colemas, colonic irrigation or enemas to help remove toxins through the bowels
…a no stress environment
…massages to assist in lymphatic drainage, if possible
…some light exercise
…support for the cleanse in the form of thorough information, a coach, nature
…a minimum length of 5 days
…a liver cleanse close to the end of the cleansing period

Additionally, it helps to practice placing value on our body, cleansing the mind of negative thoughts about our bodies:
…seeing all we have to offer
…recognizing the good others see us
…seeing our beauty
…trusting in our body/minds’ abilities to be well and balanced
…being aware of old negative thoughts we have of ourselves and transforming them to love.

If you are new to cleansing and would like to be fully supported through your first detox (or 7th!), or would simply like to immerse yourself in a completely replenishing and relaxing environment as you clean up, we would love to have you! Our Hacienda Del Sol world renowned 7 & 14 night Juice Cleanse and Yoga Detoxes have been tried and tested for over a decade, with smooth, sweet success. What are you waiting for? Let us help you, help yourself!