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FALL-ing in Love with Fall Fresh Produce!

Oh, Canada… I recently ventured off on a whirlwind tour of North America, and as much as I adore and admire all the beauty and bounty that my life here in Costa Rica offers, it is still quite nice to venture back to my roots, especially at this special time of year when summer begins to turn into fall.

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Restaurant Recommendations

Just a decade ago it was next to impossible to simply come across a fine dining establishment happy to cater to those interested in raw and/or vegan cuisine.  Nowadays though, it is not only easy, but there are more and more restaurants creating fabulous plant-based menus that are perfectly palate pleasing, even to the curious carnivore!

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Only Organic!

2013 welcomed not only a new self-sustainability initiative here on the grounds at Hacienda Del Sol, but also our new gardener extraordinaire Terry! Since December of last year, Terry has been working tirelessly to develop a fruit and vegetable patch of epic proportions!  It is our high hope that the kitchen here at Hacienda can become 80% self-supplied via this close proximity planting; and so far things are looking lush!

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Easy “Cheesy” Pumpkin-Seedy Kale Chips!

We have 3 dehydrators here in our raw food restaurant at HDS, and most days all 3 are running full.  Inside, you can find everything from a fresh dried batch of raw granola, to zucchini wrap tortillas, to our rich and savory almond burgers.  Every once and a while we like to mix things up and toss in a tray or 2 of kale chips!  Crisp, delish, and so simple to make at home!  Try it today!

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Sweet Pea Hummus

It’s cold out there for some of you readers.  I know, I was born and raised in Canada. So today I thought we’d skip ahead in time to Spring, and share a recipe that calls for the quintessential turn of the season ingredient we all know and love; the sweet pea.  Enjoy.

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