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Meditation: Healthy for your Heart and Soul

“Our bodies are our greatest teachers …. We have to take the time to slow down , and have the COURAGE to hear what is going on within us – physically, energetically and emotionally…. BREATHE into it, and TRUST!” – Angela Howell, Yoga teacher, Hacienda del Sol Meditation. The word can make some people nervous, as there are still a lot of questions surrounding this ancient practice. Meditation, and its perfect pairing of yoga, both produce a deep state of relaxation and a tranquil mind; of the upmost importance in our typically fast-paced lives! While many of us still associate mediation with the image of a yogi seated silently, cross legged with eyes closed, anything can be considered a meditative experience so long as it is done with presence. Yoga, a physical activity that involves moving one’s body through a series of postures designed specifically to bring space and ease to places of tension and stress, is a moving mediation with the purpose of uniting, or “yoking” body with mind. Here at Hacienda del Sol, we witness on a daily basis the benefits of these practices and encourage greatly the incorporation of both into one’s life. We feel them so […]

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An Eco Project of Plastic Proportions!

Founder of retreat center Hacienda del Sol, BC born Menlha Bruneau has always been an innovator. The creative mind behind many projects here in the jungles of Costa Rica, including Hacienda’s signature juice cleanse program, the Kootenay School of Rebalancing massage therapy course, and countless other mind-body, community, and environmental incentives, her latest project really bridges the gap between garbage and green living.

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Raw-sagna Recipe

This recipe comes from Hacienda’s resident raw food fanatic, Meg Pearson’s library of living food loves.  It may seem like a lengthy list of steps, but believe us, it’s worth it in the end!  And if you are perhaps curious about learning more in depth with Meg (and a team of other great chefs & leaders) here in Costa Rica, check out the upcoming Conscious Chef Culinary Course, slated to launch in April 2015!  Intrigued?  Email us to get on the list and be first to know official details!

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New Season, New Menu!

Our open-air dining room is the buzzing heart of Hacienda del Sol. An authentic Costa Rican style thatch-roof meal venue features a nutritious, creative, and delicious a la carte menu designed to support your well being fully. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, our gracious, warm, and local Costa Rican staff will make you feel right at home.New for the 2014-2015 season, we are pleased to announce a few changes to our menu that we think will better support our guests as they move through their healing stay with us.

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Customized Retreats

Tired of all those pre-packaged, one-size-fits-all wellness vacations out there? Ready to invest in your health and vitality, but wish to ensure it is the ideal combination of rest, revitalization, and real healing that you desire and deserve?

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