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Doors are officially open for our brand-new online course that brings the sacred nutritional technologies of Hacienda del Sol to you, so you can have an easy relationship with food and feel amazing in your body, for keeps.

Effortlessly transform from food-obsessed to forever sexy, light, and free, so you can focus on what really matters.

We created this course for you if:

  • You have a strained relationship to food and your body.
  • You are carrying more weight than you feel comfortable with, but you are confused about what even works anymore.
  • You are sick of the ‘food plan’ hamster wheel - whether that’s a detox, Keto, paleo, or the next restrictive ‘healthy’ program (the word ‘diet’ itself feels really loaded to you and you avoid it with a ten-foot pole).
  • The old paradigm model of exercising relentlessly and weighing/measuring no longer resonates with you.
  • You *just know* that you are truly meant to be at your body’s ideal set point so you can feel lean and vibrant.
  • You know that there is so much more to life than obsessing about what you do or do not put in your body, and having your joy stolen from the present moment because your clothes feel too tight (and you don't believe you have to 'self-love' your way through it either)
  • You are sick of a lifetime of diet-obsession and know that there must be a way to liberate your body, your mind, and most importantly, your heart from food and body fixation.
  • It’s not quite time yet to book your trip to our leading-edge wellness retreat center in Costa Rica, and you need accessible transformation NOW

How do we know your struggles? Because we’ve been there.

We used to be totally controlled by food, obsessively monitoring what we ate and feeling like nothing worked.

We felt heavy, confused, and desperate.

We were burnt out from the constant effort and distraction.

In fact we knew it didn’t even work (not long term anyway).

On some level, we knew that the fitness and diet culture was just a made up thing keeping us on a hamster wheel, stealing our time, money, attention, and energy.

Deep down we intuitively knew there was a better way to feel and look amazing effortlessly than the contrived nutrition and fitness messaging out there.

And, we found it.

Now, we enjoy complete neutrality to food.

We eat what we love, when we want it. And we feel so good in our bodies, we never even have to think about them.

We feel good in our clothes (and without them :).

But most importantly, we are free to focus on what really matters. And make a big impact on the world.

Here at Hacienda del Sol, through our onsite programs, we’ve helped thousands of clients find this easy bliss, too.

And we’ve turned it all into our flagship online program.

  • Innovative Teachings to learn why you’ve been living in such a struggle and why it’s physiologically not your fault (and how to fix it), allowing you to ditch the spiral you’ve been living under for good
  • Mouth-watering food (forever) - Begin eating the way YOU were designed to eat (this is not a one-size-fits-all approach) for a complete mind, body, spirit reset which will stay with you for life. There are only two foundational tenets: Nothing goes in your mouth you don’t like You won’t be hungry
  • Rewiring and reprogramming - Learn how to upgrade your neural pathways, body signals, and energetic system to naturally generate ‘happy chemicals’ with food and other lifestyle enhancements
  • Regain your love for movement, ditch the old paradigm of no pain no gain, and experience freedom from the gym (unless you want to spend time at the gym)
  • Better energy levels, blood sugar, absorption of nutrients, cognitive performance, food tolerance, and exercise performance with metabolic health and flexibility
  • Enhanced quality of life as you learn how to rely on your body’s cues and your own subjective biomarkers of health to craft your perfect personalized way of eating that feels wonderful (what we refer to as going ‘Beyond the Biomarkers’)
  • Graduate from our course having the tools to effortlessly trust your body (and feel amazing in it) for the rest of your life.

You will receive instant access to the course upon sign up with the materials, teachings, and step by step process to holistically heal your strained relationship to food and your body, so that you can feel forever sexy, light and free.

Personal Case Study

A Heart-Felt Note from Our Owner

The launch of our new online course, Beyond Ancestral Nutrition, inspired me to intimately share my own food and body journey with you in a way I never have before. I use to attempt to control my weight and my body by obsessively monitoring what I ate and every pound gained.

At some point, metabolically speaking, things changed for me. My disciplined (let’s be honest: obsessive) focus on diet and exercise stopped working for me.

I tried every single diet on the planet. 

It stole my joy.

I was consumed by it far more often than I would admit. 

It felt like total entrapment. 

I realized that as my body went through changes, it was a message for me to change how I took care of it.

‘Dieting harder’ was no longer the answer. Punishment was no longer working for me.

I wanted true freedom.

Then I found a real tangible shift that completely changed my relationship to food and my body.

It was not a diet. I never had to think about food at all.

I learned how to naturally rewire my metabolism.

Now, I’m no longer trapped.

And I never have to diet again.

I have total ease around food and I feel great in my body. I’m at my natural set-point which is light, comfortable, and free.

I want this for you, too.

Which is why we launched our new online course: Beyond Ancestral Nutrition (remember: through tomorrow at 5pm, you get lifetime access to this master course for only $97).

Know that when your body is working the way it should be, you are going to naturally shed any unwanted weight that you need to. It will be effortless.

Once you reach that place, you are not going to want to go back to your old way of life because there is no will power required.

You are going to look back on your life and think – oh my gosh, I can’t believe how much of my life I lost to those vicious cycles.

It gets to be fun and easy, as you completely trust the process.

Thanks for listening.”


All My Love,


Heart-Centered Owner

Hacienda del Sol Wellness Center

Beyond Ancestral Nutrition

Effortlessly transform from food-obsessed to forever sexy, light, and free, so you can focus on what really matters.


To liberate your body, and – more importantly – your mind and your heart from food and body fixation, so you can get off the hamster wheel of distracting diet culture, and focus on the life you were meant to lead.